Friday, June 22, 2007

Really, it's time to call Mensa

Based on research, senior boys are smarter their younger brothers.

Senior boy: the first born or, if the firstborn had died in infancy, the next oldest.

Another reason why our next kid needs to be girl.
That and the fact that I'm going to dress the next baby in girl clothes
and we're out of boys names

and no, I'm not pregnant! No new babies for me in 2007!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

back from the dr

Nolan's head is still in the 25th percentile.
He is now in just the 50th percentile for length.
He got a promotion in weight! He is now in the 80th percentile for weight.

He is 28" long and 22 1/2 pounds.

He got a clean bill of health today. No shots. They did take a toe-prick to check his iron, which is excellent.

The doctor was very surprised that he is talking. She doesn’t consider that he isn't sitting up from lying on his stomach yet. He's doing great with all of his other motor skills, so she's not considered. He even showed off some of his fancy skills - like a passing an object from one hand to another, standing assisted, sitting without help, babbling, and reading. (He read his "who loves baby" book. We have 2; 1 with pictures and 1 without. He read the one without pictures at the doctor's office.)

For the past almost 2 years, I have always said Caleb was a great baby. He was a great baby. He was very easy-going. He rarely cried or was upset. But, I'm just now realizing how sick he was. When I was right in the middle of it, I rarely thought of him as sick. He was just not finished growing yet. Now when I look back, I realize he was sick. It's just a different definition. He didn't have a cough or runny nose or a fever, but he was never 100% (or even 70%) healthy.

I've seen this poem a lot lately:
If tears could build a stairway
And memories were a lane
We would walk right up to Heaven
And bring you back again

I wouldn't bring him back. He's healthy now. He's wireless. As much as I miss him, I know Heaven is the best place for him. I'll see him again one day. And that day can't come soon enough.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Time to call Mensa

Nolan's not pulling up on anything. He's not going from his stomach to setting up. But, he's talking.

We've been working on "momma," "dadda," and "bye-bye." But, he has choicen to say "yeah," "hi," and "ka-ka."

We went to store a couple of weeks ago. Nolan was tired and cranky. The lady in line in front of us looked at Nolan and asked "Are you tired?" He stopped whining, looked at her and said "yeah." Cary and I looked at each other in total shock. That's the first time we heard him say something that was unmistakenly a word.

A few days ago Nolan smelled very bad. I looked at him and asked "Do you need a clean diaper?" He looked at me and said "yeah." (maybe this means he'll be easy to potty train. maybe. hopefully.)

He says "hi" to me every morning when I get him up for breakfast and every evening when I get home from work.

Every time he sees one of our many, many cats he says "kaka." Not sure if it's kitty cat or kitty.

He is trying to crawl. He'll get up on his hands and knees and knock back and forth. He should start crawling any day now.

He's standing assisted. He will stand for about 1 second without any support. He loves to stand.

His new favorite toys are rubber duckies. He gets a huge smile everything he sees one. Then, like everything else, he will put the ducky straight into his mouth.

He goes Tuesday afternoon for his 9-month well baby check-up. I'm guessing he's close to 25 lbs. I saw a 1-year-old at the store today. She was tiny compared to Nolan. I can’t wait to find out what percentile my tiny 5 lb, 5 week early baby is in now.