Monday, January 28, 2008

An update!

I promise I have a good excuse for not updating, but first things first, I still haven't finished telling you about Disney!

Nolan and I had a blast. He loved the Dumbo ride (his first ride!). I was easy on him to begin with. Then, I slowly raised our Dumbo car and waited for his reaction. He laughed. The higher we went, the more he laughed. We rode It's a Small World more times then I can count. He loved waiting in line watching the clocks tick.

The first day there, we went to a character lunch with Pooh and friends. I don't like Winnie the Pooh. There was no Pooh in our house. Pooh and pooh things were not welcomed in our home. Nolan had never seen Pooh before. A few characters came up to us. Nolan smiled. Then, Pooh walked up to us. Nolan turned around, looked at Pooh, and smiled the biggest smile I have seen. He loves Winnie the Pooh!

I couldn't decide on Nolan's souvenir. One of the last days, we found a big Pooh. He was cranky, so my mom handed him the Pooh to entertain him while we walked through the store. When we were done at the store, I decided he needed that Pooh. I went back into the store the got him the Pooh. When I handed Pooh to him, he gave Pooh a big hug and kiss.

We heard Pooh, Tiger, and Eeyore where at Epcot for a character signing. We had to go. Nolan was getting tired and cranky. He wanted a nap. He was just started to fall asleep when I picked him up and took him into the room to see Pooh and friends.
His reaction:

He loves Pooh!

We did a ton at Disney. I got to ride all the roller coasters. Nolan got to play with his cousins and ride all the kid rides. We had a great time. I'm ready to go back. We all had our digital cameras there and ended up with hundreds of pictures (plus the Disney PhotoPass pictures!.) I'm guessing there are close to 700 pictures of our trip floating around. I'll put mine in flicker one day so you can look at all of them.

Now, on to Christmas: Nolan wasn't really into Christmas this year. When we started to open the last present at the last party, he started to get interested in unwrapping the presents. The biggest Christmas news is that he started walking on his own! He was walking for months holding a hand or two, but not by himself. On Christmas day, by brother looked at Nolan and asked him if he could show him how he walks and Nolan started walking. He took about 5 or 6 steps on his own and walked on and off the rest of the day.

Now, he's walking fool. He loves to walk. We went to the grocery store tonight. When we got back, I got him out of the car and put him down so he could walk to the door. He turned around and started walking down the street! (it's a very low traffic street - our town home is next to the end unit and the end unit doesn't have a car) When we go somewhere, I open the door and he walks to the car. It's great. He is such a big boy now. He has about a million words - mama, dada, kitty, mea (meow), inka (grandma and grandpa Locke's dog, Minka), grandma or grandpa (we're not sure which one he's saying), quack, tickle, gone, dank u (thank you) - I don't remember all of his words! He calls the cats. They will hear some one calling them, come running, and stop just short of Nolan when they realize they are about to fall into the Nolan trap. He is really getting into a great age. It's so much fun watch him walk around exploring. He loves to laugh and to read. His newest favorite thing is to walk around with a calculator in 1 hand. He loves my calculator.

Anyway, my excuse for not posting. Any guesses? Pretty sure you just guessed right.
Cary got me pregnant again.
(ok. so it took 2 of us. but, whatever I can totally blame him since he will never read this!)

I'm due August 13, so I'm expecting to meet the little one in July. July 9 will be 35 weeks, anytime after that will be ok for little one's entrance (or would it be exit?).

I've already seen my OB and my perinat (the high-risk dr). I've had an ultrasound. I saw the little one's arms and legs and head and heartbeat. I go back to see both of my drs Feb. 4. At that time, my perinat will schedule my cerclage (remember from last time? the cerclage is a stitch they put around my cervix to keep the baby in) for that week or the next. I will get weekly P17 shots again starting at 16 weeks. My drs assure me this pregnancy will be more like my pregnancy with Nolan.
I will be 12 weeks Tuesday. I'll add ticker at the top of the blog so you (and me) will know how far along I am.

How's that for an update? Did I leave anything out?

(By the way: I'm tired and don't feel like proofing this. Sorry for any mistakes, but I need my beauty rest!)