Saturday, December 20, 2008

Haircut time

We're taking Nolan to get his first haircut later today. I'll add before and after pictures later.

Grace smiles all the time - except when she's fighting sleep. She is 75 perct. for weight and height and has a tiny 25 pect. head (just like Nolan).

Nolan is a great big brother. He loves helping with Grace. He loves to hold her bottle and feed her. The other day, he fed her baby cereal. She ate more when he put the spoon in her mouth than she did when I tried to feed her.

Blues Clues time. Got to go..

I'm back.

Nolan's not a baby any more or even a toddler. He's a little boy. His hair cut reminds of my the boy in Love Actually (only Nolan's much younger).
On to the pictures...


the hair cut started out ok.

after a few minutes, Nolan was done

Grace wanted to eat, Cary was holding Nolan, and I wanted to take pictures of Nolan, so carseat friend stepped in and helped hold Grace's bottle. She ate like this for about 5 minutes.

after (with the lollipop he got for being so good. His lips where blue from the lollipop the rest of the day.)

Grace and Nolan at my mom's after his haircut

While I was at my mom's we went to Macy's to get a few more gifts. We passed by the baby girl's section and saw a display of really pretty Christmas dresses. Grace already has a really cute dress to wear for Christmas, but we still had to look at the dresses at Macys. The dresses were so cute, that I got one for Grace for this year and next year!
this year's dress... (she'll wear the other dress I had for her on Christmas Eve)

next year...

anyone want to guess how much the dresses cost??
I'll wait..

Anyone guess $4.99? (and my mom had a 15% off coupon!)

I almost forgot about this....

We went to Christmas party at Moo's Saturday. During the party it started to rain. Since I'm such a good mom that I wasn't paying attention to Nolan and realized that he wasn't inside. I saw the open door and went outside to find him playing in the rain. Moo's mom helped get a jacket on Nolan very quickly so he could go back outside and play. He loves the rain.

Merry Christmas!