Monday, September 27, 2010

remember me?

Sorry I have been neglecting this blog. I really don't have much to type about - just a typical family.

Nolan just turned 4. He is still just a few inches too short to ride the roller coaster at carnivals (although last year he was able to ride. They upped the height requirement this year. Fortunately, Nolan is a very easy-going kid and was ok with waiting until he gets taller to ride again - of course, that was after a few tears.)
I was about to update his birthday ticker at the top of the blog when I realized that he will be 5! I know that is almost a year away, but 5 sounds like a big kid, not my little, baby Nolan.

Grace is crazy. One of her many nicknames is Little Trouble. She is full of energy and all the time getting into trouble. On her 2nd birthday, she climbed on top of her dresser during nap time and fell off. She got a nice big goose egg above her eye for her birthday. Guess I should have taken that as a warning that Grace and 2s will be full of danger!

I will add pictures at some point. You have got to see Grace's hair. She has the must beautiful blond curls on the back of her head (the front of her hair is straight).

At her 2 year appointment, she was 32" tall and 26 lbs. She is just below average height/weight for her age.

Nolan's 4 year check up should be any day now, just waiting on his slack mother (cough) to call the dr and set up the appointment.