Monday, April 28, 2008

Nolan's week

I'm still here and I'm still pregnant.
Everything is still going perfect with the pregnancy. Starting next week I'll be seeing a dr at least once a week - either the OB and the perinat (the high-risk dr).

Here is post I wrote weeks ago, but never posted. I'll add pictures later. I'm so tired - between working full time, chasing after a 1 1/2 year old, and being about 3000 weeks pregnant, I'm exhausted.

We went to the aquarium Thursday (April 24). We make a point to spend the anniversary of Caleb's death together as a family every year. We had fun. Nolan enjoyed the fish. His favorite was the beluga whales.

We took 2 pictures before our camera batteries died. Just before we left, we got some batteries at the gift shop and went back to the places Nolan really enjoyed for pictures. But, he was done. We took a couple of pictures and left. Nolan was asleep before we were out of the parking deck.

He has learned so much this week. He is a little sponge.e
He now says "no, no, no" and shakes his head.
When he hears "yes" he will node his head and sometimes say "yes."
He makes a fish face.
He makes elephant motion.
And he started saying "apple" and "circle."
All this week! (which was actually a couple of weeks ago)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Nolan stories

These stories have been building up waiting for some one (cough me cough) to tell them to you. So, here are some Nolan stories.

The other day Nolan was playing with a reese's easter egg. It was time to start making dinner. While I was walking to the kitchen I shouted back at Nolan ( jokingly) "You can have it if you can open it." I didn't think anything more about it. Until Cary said "Did you just tell him he could have that?" I said "Yay, if he can open it. Why? "
Cary: "It's in his mouth."
Me (while quickly going into the living room to see what Nolan was doing ) : "The whole thing?"
Cary: "Yes"
I walked into the living room to find the empty wrapper on the couch next to Nolan and the whole reese's egg in his mouth. I looked at him and said "You ate mom's candy." He gave me this look like "You said I could have it."
The boy loves his candy and I did say he could have it..

The other day Nolan and I were in his room playing. A couple people walked by outside talking to each other.
Nolan looked at me and said "Who dat?"
I guess Cary's been teaching him ebonics.

He got an ABC puzzle for Christmas. If I ask him to show me his ABC's, he will go sit on the puzzle. If he hears someone singing the ABC song, he will "sing" with them.

Nolan's words:
lalana = banana
daa = ball (some times gaa)
who dat = who is that?
what dat = what is that?
what dis = what is this?
kitty cat = kitty cat
mama = mommy
daddy = daddy
gone gone or all gone = all gone
panting or barking = dog
eow = meow
isty = Misty (one of our cats)
Inka = Minka (Cary's parents' dog)
oom oom = vroom, vroom - every time he sees or rides in a car you will hear oom oom
ka ka cake, ka ka cake (with clapping) = patty cake, patty cake
issy issy ider = itsy bitsy spider
Hi = hi
book = book

I'll add to the list as I remember words - he has a lot!! He is a verbal freak. He has more words then the average 1 1/2 year old. (of course, you knew he would have some freakness - he did come from Cary and me. ;) )

note: my computer does strange things with letters while I type on blogs. I'll correct any typos later - on a different computer.