Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas recap

On Christmas Eve, Nolan helped me make cookies for Santa. He was a big help.

After Cary woke up Christmas morning, we all went downstairs to see what Santa left for us. Nolan didn't understand the presents thing.

Santa brought Nolan a Bumbo. (by the way, bumbo's come with instructions. Why? It's a seat. You take the bumbo out of the box. You put the baby in bumbo. Do people really need instructions?) Nolan's getting better with the head control. He doesn't look as uncomfortable in the seat now. In a week or two, he'll do great in the bumbo.

He also got an exersaucer.

Nolan also got a highchair and spoons. He is ready for rice cearal - just waiting the the doctor's ok.

I'm glad the holidays are over. We survived our first holidays without Caleb. Now, I just have to get through New Year's and Easter. Easter will be a hard one.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas

Christmas last year:

Caleb was 2 1/2 months old. He was just a few weeks away from his due date.

Caleb and Nolan's ornaments.

Random pictures (I love having a camera phone - even with the low res. pictures)

Nolan talked to his stroller friend the whole time we were in Babies R Us.

Nolan's 4am happy time. This picture is just to prepare you for the next picture.

I don't think he can smile any bigger!

I will post Nolan's profesional pictures, santa pictures, and Christmas pictures next week.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 18, 2006


This was taken a little after midnight a few days ago. Nolan is very awake and happy in the middle of the night. Last night he was talking to his mobile at 2 am (I guess that's really this morning). Sorry the picture's so dark.

Some of you have mentioned that you can't figure out how to leave a comment with my fancy new template. Just click on comments (just below this paragraph - see it?) and the same pop-up from the old boring template will pop-up. Then you can leave a comment just like before.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

the cutest picture ever!

This is the cutest picture of Nolan I have ever seen. He was all ready to go get his picture taken for our Christmas cards. Horizontal stripes might not be a good idea for a belly that big!

We went to the Festival of Trees today with Alyson. The festival benefits Children's Healthcare of Atlanta - 2 of 3 the hospitals Caleb visited. We had a good time. They had a roller coaster, a giant slide, carousel, crafts for kids, and, of course, some Christmas trees.

Nolan could barely contain his excitement.

Us in front of the Falcon's tree. (They won today!)

Camera phones don't take the best pictures.

Mary Ann had her baby Thursday. He was 7lbs, 2oz. He is beautiful, tiny, fragile, and healthy! I kept thinking, if a 7 pounder felt that fragile, how fragile did little 5 pound Nolan feel? It is nice that Nolan is big enough now to eat his cousin.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

took me long enough to update...

I’ve been following this blog for a while now. Her son was born a few days before Caleb. I was looking at the picture of her son last year at Christmas and I realized that’s the size Nolan is now! This time last year, I was looking at pictures of her son thinking that’s how big Caleb would be if he was term. Now, I’m looking at pictures of her son thinking Nolan will be that size this time next year!

My boys would have been 11 months apart - 8 months adjusted (that would have been fun to explain to strangers).

I wore my winter jacket for the first time this year yesterday. I felt something in my pocket. I reached in and found this:

It’s my arm band from Caleb’s last trip to Gwinnett. I put it back in my pocket. I’m not sure how I feel about finding it, but I like having it there. It’s a like a little piece of Caleb is with me. (I have little pieces of Nolan everywhere - from my hair that I don’t have time to dry before work, to the pictures of him on my fancy new phone, to the occassional spit-up on my clothes.)

Nolan will be 3 months old Monday. Can you believe that? 3 months! We’re taking him Saturday for his 3 months/Christmas card pictures. While we’re at the mall, we might as well stop by and visit Santa. (Unless the line is really long and full of crying screaming parents - and kids. I’m sure Saturday at lunch time will be the perfect time to go. I will need a BIG dose of patience.)

Mary Ann’s baby did not come Dec. 1 like I predicted. She will have a scheduled c-section tomorrow at 5 p.m.

E’s baby is doing well. He is in the NICU. The dr is guessing he will be there for 2-3 weeks. If he keeps doing well, he may be home by Christmas! I jealous and excited for E and her family.

I joined Curves last night. I was member there a few years ago, just before Cary and I got married. It is a good, easy workout. Perfect for people who haven’t worked out in a while - like me! I’m determined to lose my last 15 Caleb pounds and my last 15 Nolan pounds. You can really pack on the pounds with 2 pregnancy back-to-back - and it takes a ton longer to lose the weight when you don't breastfeed*.

I pretty sure 1/2 of you don't read anything I say. You just scan for pictures.

tummy time

He's not always a big fan of tummy time.

after tummy time

I can't believe how cute he is!
He had too much to eat and had to unbutton his jeans.

*I wrote a whole post about not breastfeeding one day and I decided no one cared, so I deleted it. Basically, breastfed Nolan = 4 pound Nolan; formula fed Nolan = 13 pound Nolan. I had issues with not having enough milk with Caleb, too.