Sunday, December 10, 2006

the cutest picture ever!

This is the cutest picture of Nolan I have ever seen. He was all ready to go get his picture taken for our Christmas cards. Horizontal stripes might not be a good idea for a belly that big!

We went to the Festival of Trees today with Alyson. The festival benefits Children's Healthcare of Atlanta - 2 of 3 the hospitals Caleb visited. We had a good time. They had a roller coaster, a giant slide, carousel, crafts for kids, and, of course, some Christmas trees.

Nolan could barely contain his excitement.

Us in front of the Falcon's tree. (They won today!)

Camera phones don't take the best pictures.

Mary Ann had her baby Thursday. He was 7lbs, 2oz. He is beautiful, tiny, fragile, and healthy! I kept thinking, if a 7 pounder felt that fragile, how fragile did little 5 pound Nolan feel? It is nice that Nolan is big enough now to eat his cousin.


Mrs.S said...

Wow!! He's getting so big! I love the stripes, truly.

Glad you had a good time; the trees look amazing and so do you :D

Anonymous said...

He is so BEAUTIFUL and so are you!! Enjoy Christmas with this little fella and make sure Santa fills his stocking with all his favorite things!


Momma Donna

Hedda said...

How is it that your little ones end up as chubby ones?

He is absolutely adorable.

I'm going to miss Festival of Tress again. Oh well.

sarah said...

Who is that chubby little guy, and what did you do with Nolan? He is absolutely adorable. I will continue to think of you during the coming weeks. I hope Caleb and Logan are smiling down on you now!

Mary Ann said...

We'll see who eats who! You know my babies end up HUGE! Just look at Madison...and if Ian grows into his hands and feet, your "little" Nolan will be the snack!