Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas recap

On Christmas Eve, Nolan helped me make cookies for Santa. He was a big help.

After Cary woke up Christmas morning, we all went downstairs to see what Santa left for us. Nolan didn't understand the presents thing.

Santa brought Nolan a Bumbo. (by the way, bumbo's come with instructions. Why? It's a seat. You take the bumbo out of the box. You put the baby in bumbo. Do people really need instructions?) Nolan's getting better with the head control. He doesn't look as uncomfortable in the seat now. In a week or two, he'll do great in the bumbo.

He also got an exersaucer.

Nolan also got a highchair and spoons. He is ready for rice cearal - just waiting the the doctor's ok.

I'm glad the holidays are over. We survived our first holidays without Caleb. Now, I just have to get through New Year's and Easter. Easter will be a hard one.


Hedda said...

I have a bone to pick with you Missy.

He is really starting to fill out.

Cute, cute, cute.

Mrs. S said...

What could the instructions possibly say??? "remove box, place child in seat, do not leave the child in seat while going to vegas on wild drinking/gambling binge"? Seriously, we should just remove all unnecessary instructions and safety labels and let the overpopulation issue take care of itself.

The lack of sleep is making me crabby, is it obvious?

Nolan's looks so cute in his exersaucer! Is it weird that Nolan has a blue one and Zoe has a red one? Did some greater color-coding force make that happen?

Man, I need to shut up. He looks great, but where are the pics of Mom and Dad??

Feel free to delete this comment... I obviously cannot be trusted with the responsibility of making intelligent comments lately. lol

Mary Ann said...

I'm sure the instructions COULD be useful if they made sure you didn't use the bumpo as, say, a car seat or a floatation device or a frisbee with baby on board, otherwise, I can't imagine why you'd really need them. Did the instructions mention that you should only place one baby at a time in the bumpo? Or did they mention that you should never, ever try to sit in it yourself? See...not really useful!...maybe the instructions are for all the people that needed to know that preparation H is not to be ingested or that you should avoid putting nail polish remover in your eyes...THESE PEOPLE SHOULD NOT HAVE CHILDREN!...or buy bumpoes (what exactly is the plural for bumpo?).

Elizabeth said...

Mrs. S,

The pictures of mom and dad will be missing until mom loses some more weight.

Unfortunately, fudge does not help with weight loss.

Nolan wanted a Bumbo so much, that he told everyone to get him one for Christmas. Now we have 2 Bumbos and 2 sets of instructions.

The Mom said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas. Nolan looks as excited about it as Max did. Just wait until Christmas 2007... it just gets better!

And btw, not getting pregnant was one of my resolutions in 2006. You know how that worked out. Good luck!

And one more thing, any weight-loss secrets would be greatly appreciated. I'll be watching closely for helpful hints!

karla said...

My sincere condolences for baby Caleb.

Nolan is absolutely precious.