Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The New Year's Post

I'm so glad 2006 is OVER! That was one long year.
We spent last new year's eve with Caleb at Egleston. I wanted to start the new year as a family. The nurse brought us some juice to toast. We wished Caleb a happy new year. I told him he would be home soon, some time in 2006. I told him 2006 would be good year.

We spend new year's eve this year with Nolan at home on our couch. No beeping NICU noises, no alarms, no wires, no nurses, no doctors, no pulse-ox, no IVs, no isolette, just Nolan, Cary, me, and Dick Clark.

My new year's resolutions:
1. Lose 30 pounds
2. Do not get pregnant
3. Keep Nolan wireless and healthy
4. Eat healthy
5. Raise money for WalkAmerica* and March of Dimes
6. Do not get pregnant (I know its on the list 2 times, but after getting pregnant less then 3 months after having Caleb, I think I need to list it at least 2 times. Maybe 3.)
7. Do not get pregnant

See over in the links? I started a WalkAmerica team. You can join the team and raise money, or you can donate money. I'm walking in memory of Caleb, in honor of Nolan, and to stop premature birth! Hedda also has a team for you southsiders. I don't care if you donate to my team or to Hedda's team. All the money goes to March of Dimes and that's all the really matters. (But, my team is better. All the cool people are donating to my team.)


Hedda said...

Let's not be taking all my money, OK?

You aren't allowed to get preggo. It's my year.

Lucy Henry said...

Nolan just gets sweeter everyday and yes those thighs are quite heavy.