Friday, January 12, 2007

Nolan is huge!

Nolan weighs 16 pounds! He is in the 75th percentile for his weight! Can you believe that? It took him 1 month to get on the growth charts. He's making up for lost time.
He is 24 3/4" long - about the 50th percentile. His tiny head is finally big enough to make it on the charts - 10th percentile.

The doctor told us we can start giving him rice cearal. We'll probably start that tomorrow. He doesn't take his eyes off of us when we eat. I'll take lots of pictures of his first meal.

He got 4 shots in his legs and he screamed! I gave him some tylenol when we got home. He is wiped out in his crib right now.

We have been referred to a rehab place to get him a band for his flathead. (I call him my little flathead.) We think his flathead is partially due to him being so early. His bones were supposed to have 5 more weeks of hardening!

The doctor was pleased with his progess. He is doing everything a 4-month-old should be doing.


The Mom said...

Woo hoo! We love big, healthy boys! Great baby growing, Elizabeth and Cary!

Lisa said...

I cant believe how big he is. Just reminds me how fast time goes by...sigh. I cant believe my guy is almost 3 months! Just delurking to say Hi. I check on you all the time.

miraclebaby said...

What a big boy! Dorothy was the 75th percentile at her 4 month appt too!