Monday, January 30, 2006

Tour of Caleb's wires

No one has asked me about Caleb's wires, but I'm sure some people have wondered. So, here is a tour of Caleb's wires:

The thing on his nose is the CPAP. The hat and the blue straps are used to keep the CPAP on his head and in place. When is his on the nasal cannula, he has 2 round flesh-toned stickers on his checks to keep the nasal cannula in place.

He has 2 tubes in his mouth. One is for his formula, the other one is to help suck some of the extra air out of his belly. (The CPAP blows continous air down his throat through his nose. The air can build up in his stomach. They don't want that to happen, so the put the wire into his belly to suck out some of the extra air.) The white tape is used to try to prevent the tubes from pulling out - it doesn't work that well with Caleb. He has found many ways to get those tubes out.

The wire coming out of his top of his sleeper is part of his central line. They use his central line for IV fluids and medicine.

Other wires not pictured:
He has probes on his chest. They track his heart rate and how many breaths per minute he is taking.
He has a bandage looking thing on his foot. That is his pulse-ox. It measures how much oxygen is in his blood. If there isn't enough, they increase his oxygen. If there is too much, they decrease his oxygen.

Now on to the good stuff:
He wore shoes for the first time yesterday! I know he doesn't need shoes, and the shoes are too big, but he is very, very cute in them. (The wire coming out of his shoe is attached to the pulse-ox.)

Last night's update:
He was put back on the CPAP last night. He started doing better soon after he went back on CPAP. His lungs were not pushing out enough carbon dioxide.
They upped his feedings to 7 ccs every 3 hours.
He was kicked out of his isolette last night. (He was cold a few days ago, so they put him in an isolette to help him stay warm.) Another baby needed his isolette, and since he is all about sharing, he let that baby have his isolette and Caleb is now back in a crib.
Caleb is now a giant 7 pounds, 9 ounces.

New, fresh, hot-off-the-press update:
10ccs!! They upped his feedings to 10ccs every 3 hours this morning. He has had 2 feedings today.
He is back on the high-flow nasal cannula.
His blood count was a little low, so he will have another blood transfusion later today.

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Lucy Henry said...

I love this new website and lots more pictures. Caleb is such a precious baby. Each day he is closer to coming home. As long as he waits until we get his room ready. Love Grandma Henry

Rachel said...

I love Caleb's shoes. It is so much fun to dress up little babies - I'm glad you're finally getting to do that with Caleb. Love, Rachel, Mike, Sarah and Sam.