Thursday, October 11, 2007

another birthday without my baby

Caleb's 2nd birthday was yesterday.

We survived. Mainly because I avoided everyone. Sometimes that's the best (or easiest) way to deal. I stayed off the computer to avoid all the emails and the few people I did call, we talked about other things.

I am grateful for everyone's thoughts, prayers, emails, text messages, and the flowers my family sent. It helped me get throught such a hard day.

Who knew it would get harder every year?


Sarah Furlough said...

I've been thinking of you, I kow it doesn't get any easier.

I hope Caleb shared some of his cake with Logan. I hope you know you are an amazing mother!

Hedda said...

I told Mom and Dad I thought it would get easier after 4 years.

Boy was I wrong.

I suck as a friend. Iknew it was this month I just couldn't remember when.