Monday, October 27, 2008


someone's been very slack on updating this blog lately.

Where did I leave off?

Nolan had a birthday. A few days later we had his birthday party.

He got lots of great gifts - including money to sign him up for a gymboree/kindermusik/the music class/little gym type class. We haven't picked the class yet. Cary went back to work a few days after I went back to work and now I'm looking for a class to fit into our new schedule.
After his party he kept reaching for the cake and the sandwiches on the table. He had had some chips and some cake, so we kept moving the food on the table away from him. On the way home that night, I realized we forgot to feed him lunch! That's why he kept trying to get the food off the table. Good mom move #14563975.

Nolan is great big brother. He will hold Grace's bottle. If Grace is upset, Nolan will try to put her pacifier in her mouth or will hold her hands. Grace loves watching Nolan. Nolan loves giving Grace kisses and "helping" give her baths (he will splash the water while I bathe Grace).

Nolan has a ton of words now and he can sign a few words (moo loaned us some Signing Time DVDs - he loves them. When I need him to sit quietly, I'll either put in a Signing Time DVD or turn on Yo Gabba Gabba)
His words:
Daddee (daddy)
Yawney (mommy)
Tinkle Tinkle (twinkle twinkle)
Dar (star)
Ap Pul (apple)
Ca (car - don't know where he got the northern accent from)
Be nana (banana)
Papa (grandpa)
Gan mama or ampa (grandma)
Disty (misty)
Oscar (Oscar)
Go (go)
Peek a doo (peek a boo)
Try A Glu (triangle)
nye nye (bye bye)
nye nye (night night)
wa er (water
dipull (diaper)
yum yum
Gigi (Grace - no idea how he got Gigi from Grace, but I love it!)
quack quack
yum yum
luv you
thank you
and he barks like a dog (not a ruff ruff or a bow wow, but a full on bark)
He can sign no, rainbow, clean, wash hands, please, and go.
And he's trying to snap his fingers.
His Dr. wanted him to have about 20 words by the time he turned 2. I think he's got that.

Grace is getting big. She's been sleeping through the night for a few weeks now (it's ok to hate us). She is opposite of the boys. She loves to be swaddled - they both hated it. She loves to be held - Nolan was fine not being held. She doesn't like the bouncy seat - Nolan practically live in that seat. She does like the swing - the same swing that Nolan and Caleb both loved. She is drinking 6 ozs every 4 hours - she's a little pig!

What else have I been meaning to tell you?

Grace is now smiling and laughing (her belly and neck are her big ticklish spots)

I have a feeling that by now most of you are thinking "blah blah blah. We want more picture!" So, here are a few more pictures...

That's your update for the year ;)

BTW: Nolan still has not had his first hair cut.


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures and fun update!
But shame on you for reminding me of the times I forgot to feed my boys! (or change diapers, or...) Eventually they get big enough to feed themselves - which they do constantly now at my house.

Grandma Henry said...

Thank you for updating the blog. People need to see how cute some of my grandchildren are.

Alyson said...

Love the update and the new format, and great pictures! Thanks!

Jeana said...

I love the new blog format. Very cute. And I can't believe how big Grace has gotten...and very cute too!!! Looks like Nolan had a great B-day party. Sorry I missed it...darn strep throat.
We still need to take a trip to the zoo. Unless we have a warm spell soon, I guess we will have to wait to Spring.

Mary Ann said...

Love the new look! Do you think Nolan could teach some words to Ian? The ones he knows aren't really very helpful! I'm looking for something like "I am hungry, please feed me now" instead of hysterics and dramatic falls on the floor. At least Nolan just sees food and trys to help himself! Bravo Nolan.