Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We took the kids to the fountains in Suwanee for our 5 year anniversary.

In the video with Grace, Grace is one making all of those noises. Her noises crack me up. She has started standing on her own. She will be walking on her own any second now. She still doesn't have any teeth!

Nolan is a great big brother. We were looking at pictures on the computer the other day. We came across one with Nolan and Grace on the floor playing with a toy together. Nolan looked at the picture and said "Gace." Then he went over to the toy and said "Gace" again. Then he walked over to Grace, gave her a kiss, and handed her a car. So sweet!

We are starting potty training with Nolan. Any one want to do it for us?

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Rachel said...

The videos are so cute. Sarah was watching with me and asked who that big kid in the bottom picture was. She couldn't believe it was Nolan.