Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Oh Boy!!!

Hello friends,

We are just now starting to wrap up our exciting past 2 days.
I will start with the important facts first.

We have plenty of pictures and will share them when the 3 of us get settled home.

Elizabeth gave birth to our beautiful son Nolan Cary Locke at 5:59 pm Monday night.
Nolan weighed 5 pounds on the button and measured 18 inches in length.
He checked out healthy in the nursery after birth, and spent the night in our room. We will take him home with us once Gwinnett Medical gives Elizabeth the ok to go home.
Elizabeth is feeling very little pain thanks to the great drugs (painkillers) the hospital is giving her. She is more uncomfortable (grumpy) then any thing. Completely understandable!

Nolan is a very handsome boy who does look like his father. I can say this until we put pictures on the site. Then I will lose out to his cuteness.

Elizabeth did such a great job watching after herself and was aware of everything that was waiting for us around each corner. Thank you for the communication from our families and all our friends helping us turn our fears into excitement. Your words prayers and actions have helped Elizabeth so much through this pregnancy.
Thank you every one for the help you gave and keeping Elizabeth’s thoughts positive.

We love and thank all of you so much, and welcome you to visit Nolan in the future. Just please call first and bring food.



Mrs. S said...

Congratulations AGAIN to all three of you!

I am so excited to hear that little Nolan got to spend the night with his mommy that I am almost in tears (then again, I'm still pregnant, so that probably has a little bit of something to do with it... but still) - I can't wait for pictures, and I am so happy that this was such a wonderful experience for all involved.

I will be praying for Elizabeth's quick healing and everyone's quick and safe return home so that life can get back to being as wonderful as you all deserve it to be.

Rachel said...

I know I told you already - but congratulations! He is so cute. The kids loved seeing him. If you ever need a rest, just call me. I love holding those little babies and mine aren't that small anymore. (I might even change a few diapers for you.)


Alyson said...

If food is all it takes to get in the door to meet the little guy, sign me up! I definitely want to come visit.

The best part of this whole thing is that you get to take him home today. I was SO excited for you when you told me that.

Congratulations to the Proud Parents!

Jeana hates it when I sign anonymous, so I'm going to try to figure out how to put my name up there. (If Jeana can do it, it must not be that hard...HA, HA!)

Jeana said...

Yeah Alyson...finally figured it out. Gold star for you. =)

I did not bring food when I visited but Elizabeth already had a heaping plate of oh so yummy hospital spaghetti. I did come bearing gifts though. Hope Nolan likes the baseball blanket I bought him.

Congrats again Locke Family!!!

Betsy Hollis-Frey said...

Elizabeth! Congratulations on Nolan! I lunched with your mom, either late August or early September. Howevever, I only learned today that Nolan decided to arrive early.

I am so thankful that all is well and that he is growing fast. May God continue to bless you, and all your family members.

Congratulations to you grands, and you cousins "by the dozen."

Nolan! A job well done and I LOVE
YOUR photo!!!!!
Joyfully, Betsy H.F.