Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I escaped!

I spent ½ the day out of the house! Heather came over and took me to my 2 doctors’ appointments. After the doctors, I talked her into eating at Chili’s. Then, I came back home and went back to the couch.

The doctors went well. They have given up on monster flipping (watch him flip now). Monster is now 4 ½ pounds. He is measuring in the 32% for his gestational age.

The OB said she doubts I will make it until October. My cervix has started to dilate and monster has dropped. I’m 35 weeks by the OB due date. Caleb’s doctor told me that babies born after 35 weeks don’t necessarily go to the NICU!

The perinat said they normally take the cerclage out at about 36/37 weeks, but since it looks like I will have a c-section, they will take it out while I’m drugged from the c-section. They didn’t schedule my c-section, instead I added low fluid to my list of high riskness. Monster’s fluid is measuring the tiniest bit on the low side. The doctor wants me to stay on bed rest. Something about circulation is better lying down. I’m 34 weeks, 1 day by the perinat due date.

Now both doctors now want to see me every week. (I will be to escape the couch once a week! Twice next week – perinat on Tuesday and OB on Wednesday)

Now that the contractions have eased up some, I want to try to keep monster in one more week so he will be 35+ weeks by both doctors. Then, I’m done with this pregnancy thing. The contractions, the bed rest, the head in my ribs – I’m ready to meet the little trouble maker.

Cary’s birthday is Friday. I asked him what he wanted he said he just wanted this year to be over. Since he turned 30, I went to the hospital in pre-term labor, I had Caleb 13 weeks and 1 day early, we found out we were having another baby, we started getting ready for Caleb to finally come home, Caleb died, and I went into pre-term labor with monster. No wonder he wants 30 over with. (He also wants the new Madden NFL playstation game –he is a 10-year-old stuck in the body of an almost 31-year-old.) 31 will be better for him. (hee hee, he’s old!)


The Mom said...

Glad to hear things are going well. Cary has had a big year, huh? I'm sure 31 and onward will be the best years ever.

Jeana said...

About time you had an update, you slacker. =) I've been checking everyday to see if there's anything new. I am so glad to hear that things are looking good. So it could be any day now..how exciting!!! Can't wait to meet ya monster...at least he held out until September.
Tell Cary "happy birthday" and 31 is NOT old.

sarah Furlough said...

Only a little more to go. I know you must be uncomfortable, and bored being on bed rest. Just think, when Monster is home you will be wishing for some time to rest! Hang in there...almost there! I can't wait to see pictures of Caleb's little brother!

The Princess said...

Little by little,you just keep getting closer and closer.

I'm so glad to see you have gotten this far!!

Mrs. S said...

My husband will be 31 on Monday... I've yet to ask him what he wants. I might want to get on that, hrm?

I'm glad you got some 'escape' time - being in the house 24/7 must make you CRAZY! I know it would make me nutso!

Can't wait to meet Monster... I'll keep praying that he'll hold on just one more week!

Anonymous said...

When do they think you'll have the c-section? I can't wait to know what the little guy's birthday will be.

Oh, and how about a name. Why is he still MONSTER if he's this close to coming out? Come on...give it up already!


AnotherAmy said...

I went through a bunch of cooking terms, cooked through, wait for his timer to pop. I decided to go with: Phew you made it into field goal range now lets see if we can get him into the end zone! Heh, groan.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Cary!

-Alyson & Mike