Thursday, August 31, 2006

My busy days

Here is what I now do everyday:

I help Cary get up at 5:30 am to go to work.
I go back to sleep.
A few hours later, I start to wake up.
I watch some TV.
I do Sudoku or a few word finds.
I eat whatever food I remembered to take upstairs the night before - usually chocolate or cookies.
I take a shower.
I do Sudoku or a few more word finds.
I rest for a few minutes - like the doctor told me too.
I look around the room and pack up for my trip downstairs for the rest of the day.
I go downstairs.
I lay on the couch.
I watch TV.
I do Sudoku or more word finds.
I read some in a book or a magazine.
I make myself a quick lunch.
I do some computer work.
I look around the living room and dining room at all the stuff I want to do.
I take a nap.
I make a quick dinner.
More TV
More sudoku
more word finds
more reading
more computer "work"
Then I gather my stuff up go upstairs and go to bed. (by stuff I mean a big water, sudoku, word finds, a magazine or a book, cookies or chocolate, and my cell phone)

My mom and sister stopped by yesterday. Cary's mom stopped by today. My sister is stopping by tomorrow with Zaxby's.

I'm still having some contractions. I don't think monster's going to hold on until October. My contractions don't have a pattern. I don't have to go back to L&D until there is a pattern.

My sisters and mom came by Sunday and helped me nest. Actually, I reclined in a chair while they nested for me. Monster's room looks great. My sister and mom finished monster's bedding (I would post a picture, but the camera and computers are downstairs and monster's room is upstairs). My sister is stopping by this weekend with the window valances and new cushions for the glider rocker.

Did I tell you about the bedding yet? It is pottery barn kids very old animal safari print. I went to PB Kids just to see what they had and I found the animal safari crib skirts on sale for $4.99! Can you believe that? So, I called my sister. She said buy them! I bought 5 crib skirts. 1 to use as a crib skirt (imagine that) and others to cut up and use to make the bedding and window treatments. The bedding came out great! She used the fuzzy green stuff and some blue stuff we had leftover from Caleb's stuff. I will have Cary or my sister take pictures this weekend and I will post them soon!

Time to get back to my schedule...


Mrs. S said...

You are so lucky to have people to come by and do the nesting stuff for you. Everyone keeps telling me to "stock up on sleep," so I'm glad to see that you are napping during the day ;) Naps are SO difficult to work into schedules, I find.

I'll keep praying for Monster to hold on 'til October - or at least as long as possible. Keep taking good care of yourself and Monster!

sarah Furlough said...

Glad to hear you are taking it easy! I am glad you are getting some more valuable time in-utero for Monster! I am still praying you get more time.

Shellbie said...

I'm hoping he stays put until October...
I can relate to the "busy days". LOL!
I hated bedrest, with a passion. Amazing how it's all you want when the baby is screaming at 3am though-LOL.
Hang in there, tell Monster we said to stay put, and keep us updated.
Sending ya virtual (((((HUGS)))))

The Mom said...

Oh how I wish I lived closeby so I could get in on some of that Zaxby's action. Oh, and you know, to help you and all ;) Your sisters and mom sound great, I can't wait to see monster's room (I love that you worked in something that was Caleb's)!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Elizabeth! I was on bedrest from Thanksgiving until February 1st with Alex . . . he was certainly worth it!


miraclebaby said...

Stay put, Monster! And don't make mommy wake up at 12 am, 1 am, 2 am and so on.... at least not til AFTER you arrive!

Mary Ann said...

Wow, I didn't realize just how busy you are these days!!! And just think, you were dreading the bedrest! I know people keep telling you this, but enjoy it while you can--the napping, I mean, not the whole bedrest thing. The only people who really enjoy bedrest are psychotic or something, I think! So, now that you have read this, go take another nap, I would hate for you to have worn yourself out! Love you.

Anonymous said...

You would think with all of this free time that she could update the blog more often, huh? I need my Elizabeth fix...where's my update? Maybe I'll just have to resort to those old fashioned ways of communication and actually pick up a phone. :-)