Friday, August 25, 2006


I just got a shower! Yay!!!

I'm still in the hospital. I got round 2 of the steriod shot at 5 pm. My contactions are pretty much gone. I will get a few contractions when my bladder's full, so I have to pee more. I guess that's a pretty good trade - go home with monster in my belly and pee more or stay here. I'm ok with peeing more.

The hospital is still full, so I'm still stuck in a tiny room. I share a bathroom and the lady in the other room keeps locking me out of the bathroom. Not good! ('cuase when my bladder's full, I get contractions...) The TV in here is tiny. I mean really, really tiny. I have about 10 channels to choose from and 2 of them are Spanish. (I don't speak Spanish).

Since the contractions are gone (knock on wood, cross your fingers) I should get to go home tomorrow evening on bed rest and anti-contraction meds.

I can't tell you how great the shower felt after 2 days of laying in bed. I'm pretty sure they let me take a shower 'cause I was starting to stink. ;-) They had to wheel me down to another room for the shower. I don't have a shower in the shared bathroom. I guess it doesn't really matter though, since my neighbor keeps locking me out.

The dinner they brought me at 4:15 is gone now and I'm starving! Rachel and her son and Hedda brough me some snacks today. All the snacks might be gone by the morning...

They also brought me games and movies and trashy gossip magazines!

I'll try to update tomorrow after I break out of here. But, you know I'm very busy right now laying in bed doing nothing.


Sarah Furlough said...

So glad that you are keeping your spirits up. You have been so strong in the face of everything you've had to deal with. I know Caleb is looking over you and protecting you, I will tell Logan to do the same. Rest well, I am crossing my fingers you will sleep in your own bed tomorrow night!

Hedda said...

You better not eat all that chocolate in one day. The idea was to use all that stuff while you were on bed rest. THE WHOLE TIME!!

At least you got a shower. No, you weren't starting to stink. You actually looked very good.

Yay for no contractions!

Sending you more no contraction vibes!

Mrs. S said...

Glad to hear you get to go home - I'd totally trade more peeing for less chance of contractions, too!

I'll keep you and Monster and the rest of your family in my thoughts and prayers, as I know so many are doing. Can't wait to hear that you're home safe and sound and peeing lots lol

The Mom said...

Well I'm glad to hear the monster is going to hang out a little while longer. When I started having contractions at 30 weeks with Ava (The Angel) they put me on terbutaline in pill form and sent me home. It worked until my body built up a tolerance around 35 weeks (we still managed to stop those contractions though and keep her in until 38 weeks). If you manage to go 5 weeks on the meds before they don't work any more, that puts you at 37 weeks - FULL TERM!! Enjoy your time on bedrest. You'll probably start going crazy after 2 days, but try to keep in mind that once monster does come you'll be begging for all the rest you can get!

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth,

My premie . . . your cousin Josh . . . was born 33 weeks early and yesterday he was 23 years old! I will continue to pray for you and your pregnancy!


miraclebaby said...

Ah! Girl, I totally missed that you are in the hospital. Sorry about that. I hope you're home soon and that monster stays in there until you are full term. You're so close!