Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Chocolate good

I went to the perinat today. No change. Monster's still breech, my cervix is still long (35 mm).
I found that my body likes chocolate more than ice cream. I was gaining about 2 pounds a week. I cut back on the ice cream and upped the chocolate and only gained 1 pound this week. LOL! Guess I will be forced to eat more chocolate.

The perinat said it is fine for me to go to the pool! I told her I have noticed that some of the doctors at my OB office seem to be a little too cautious. She said they are being more cautious with me but since I'm measuring long the pool is fine!

I go to the OB next Tuesday afternoon and then to the perinat the Tuesday after that. If my cervix is still long at my next perinat visit, they will stop the transvaginal ultrasounds!

Monster put on a good show during the ultrasound today. He was kicking and stretching. He sucked his thumb, he had the hiccups (very fun to watch!), he rested his hand on his belly. It was great. During his show, I realized he looks just like Caleb.

I can't wait until October when we get to met Monster! (you hear me monster? OCTOBER!)

I had a dream about monster the other day. He was little, but when he was born he came out crying and he was able to come home from the hospital with us. AND he had a real name! I told Cary about it and he said he had been thinking more about that name. (The name was already on the top of our list, now it is on the very top of the list.) Maybe monster will get a real name one day...

One more thing...
Monster kicked Cary in the head this morning!


Hedda said...

It sounds like today was a good day. Momma Donna told me to tell you that she thinks about you everyday.

Don't get too addicted to the chocolate. Remember, we have to lose all this baby weight after Monster comes in October.

Now, when do you get to share the name with me? You know I'm special.

Mrs. S said...

Now what was Carey's head doing so close to Monster's space? That's what I want to know! Poor Monster, getting all crowded.

I wish my body liked chocolate the same way yours did... I sure could use an excuse!!

(not sure how I got here, by the way, but have been lurking for a bit)

The Princess said...

Great news! Have you at least been able to get some ultrasound pics? Camille refused to give a transverse view of her spine so we got monthly ultrasound and amazing pics of her.

Keep up the good news!

The Mom said...

Aww, poor Cary. I'm sure he loved it though. I can't wait to "meet" Monster in October either, but no sooner! I keep telling our Bean the same thing. I think to myself "I can't wait.... but yes I can!" These next few weeks will fly by. In the meantime, stock up on the chocolate! I've been double-fisting the chocolate AND ice cream... maybe that's my problem??

Oh, and yay on the pool! Totally get in as often as you can. Such a relief to your back. But watch out for coughing in the pool. Maybe it's because your belly is floating and not weighing down the ligaments, but when I cough in the pool I get a sharp ligament pain on the right lower quadrant of my belly. The fix? Either press into that area or lift my leg up before I cough. I know I sound like a freak, but trust me!!

Lucy Henry said...

Monster can be a "Monster" for Halloween in "OCTOBER"

Red on Head...On Fire for Jesus said...

Congrats on making it to 30 weeks!! Wahoo!

Hang in there, Monster. You are doing so well.

Red on Head...On Fire for Jesus said...

Congrats on making it to 30 weeks!! Wahoo!

Hang in there, Monster. You are doing so well.

Hedda said...

This blog is boring