Saturday, August 26, 2006

I'm free!!!

I was discharged at about 1sh today. I am on bed rest for 2 weeks, and then they will re-evaluate me. I'm not on really strict bed rest like I was with Caleb. I can do 1 trip up and down the stairs everyday. I have potty privileges! And I can do basically anything thing I want to go - as long as I can do it laying down. Since I am insane, I asked the nurse if I could drive. She said sure, as long as I can drive lying down.

The OB told me that after 34 weeks, they usually don't stop labor. That means the next time I go into labor, monster is coming. (I'm 33/4 by the OB.)

I'm already going crazy. There's so much I want to do around the house. Cary did a GREAT job of cleaning up while I was in the hospital. Now, I just want to help finish things up!! ARGH! I guess I'll have plenty of extra time to do cleaning once monster's out. Right? I'm sure I'll have plenty of extra time with a newborn at home.


Mrs. S said...

If your nesting urges are anywhere near what mine are, I know that you are going crazy.

If it's any consolation (and I'm sure it won't be) I'm going crazy, too, and I'm not on bedrest, so I at least sort of kind of feel your pain on that one.

Maybe you should start a new book series - do you read a lot? I could recommend some good mystery-type series if you need something to keep your mind off the things you wish you could be doing ;)

In the meantime: behave, get spoiled, and take care of you and Monster. Oh, and of course, keep us up to date and let us know if we can do anything to help.

The Mom said...

Welcome home! Congrats on being even further along than your ticker indicates, btw. 33 1/2 weeks is even better than 32 1/2! I know people say you should nap whenever your newborn does, but I never did. I always used that time to get things done around the house. If you can manage it, then yes, you'll have plenty of time to do all the things you want to do once monster's here, because he'll sleep ALL THE TIME, because I already know he'll be the most well behaved newborn ever ;)

AnotherAmy said...

Hang in there. You will make 2 weeks without batting an eye.

Hedda said...

Typos, typos, typos!!!!!

Quit your bitching and sit your ass on the coach. I'd like to see Cary's idea of a clean house. Make him take pictures before you guys ruin it.

I never slept when Connor slept either. If you do that, how do you EVER get anything done.

Don't forget to call me when it's time. I have my cell with me all the time now.

Anonymous said...

Tried to call you both yesterday and today. Doesn't your jail cell (I mean couch) have a phone nearby? Anyway, I was glad to read that you did get to come home. YEAH!

Keep us posted on the bedrest. I'm jealous. 2 weeks to lay around and catch up on movies while still collecting a paycheck. Why, I can't think of anything better!


Elizabeth said...

typos fixed

Amy said...

Bedrest is good times. By the time I got to 33 weeks, I was allowed to sit up and go to movies and out to dinner a few times a week as long as I got dropped off at the entrance to the establishment and didn't walk far.

Hopefully the monster will stay in you long enough for them to remove the cerclage and send you home to wait. Because that's when the fun starts -- you spent all this time lying down and ironically, the baby will not come out!