Monday, August 21, 2006


Ok - I get the hint. I'll finally show you some pictures.

After seeing Britney Spears on the Teen Choice Awards last night, I now feel much better about my size.

First things first
Our herd of cats...

Misty, Bluto, and Oscar on the new scratching post Cary got them. (and some junk in the background.)

On to monster's home...

I was walking down the stairs the other day and Cary said "watch your step." I looked down and saw this:

Like any good blogger, I took a picture so everyone can laugh at me.

I swear this one is just the dress. Yes, I'm sure it is the dress -it has nothing to do with me being 57489305 weeks pregnant.

Ironically, it is just this dress too. Not me...

Sorry to blind you with me paleness. I really need some sun! If only it wasn't 90 degrees everyday.


Red on Head...On Fire for Jesus said...

You are beautiful!

Lucy Henry said...

Loved the picture of you walking down the stairs. You look great by the way.

Hedda said...

At least I have one dress coming back. ;)

I still say you aren't as big as you think you are. When you look down your tummy looks bigger than it really is.

Can't wait to meet Monster in October.

Anonymous said...

How about some pictures of the nursery? I'd love to see what you all did with the room.


The Mom said...

Yay, finally :) You look great. The aerial belly view is hilarious... bet you've forgotten you even HAVE feet! And don't worry, I know you're still a size 2... it's totally just the dresses ;)

Mrs. S said...

Omigosh, you are such a hottie! And it's so funny that you posted the "me looking down" pic, because I was JUST looking down this morning and wondering if I could get a good picture of my view of the belly.

And, for the record, you are still gorgeous and svelte looking, especially compared to me in my short, formerly-curvy and highly-pregnant glory.

And your cats are super-cute.

Donna Moseley said...

Hi Sweetie!

You look GORGEOUS and, of course, you have on designer shoes!! :o) I can see them even if you can't! I am so excited for you and Monster - I hope I can come HOLD him!

Love you,

Mary Ann said...

Love the belly picture. It really is the dress...both of them. You don't look QUITE that big in person. :)

miraclebaby said...

You are too cute with your pregnant belly. LOL, right... just the dress. That's definitely all baby!