Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Is 5 months to early to potty train?

The diapers are bad, very, very bad.

Nolan started eating baby food. He loves everything! So far, his favorites seem to be peas, green beans, bananas (although they give him gas), pears, peaches, and sweet potatoes (his most favorite) - basicaly he's loved everything we've fed him. (Update: Cary found out today that Nolan's not a big fan of squash.)

Someone really should warn you about the grossness of baby food diapers. They are way nastier then newborn diapers.

Hot water update: Cary and his friends installed a shiney new hot water heater Thursday night. We moved back into our house Friday. It's good to be home, but I do miss the grandparents' help. They fed us, cleaned Nolan's bottles, changed some of Nolan's diapers. I miss that.

I will post pictures of the lovely holes in our ceiling soon. (The hot water heater is on the second floor. It leaked into the 1st floor ceiling and onto the couch.)

Did I mention the diapers are gross?!


sarahfurlough said...

You think those are bad? Just wait until he starts eating solids. That is REALLY gross!

P.S. Cooper hated squash too!

Lucy Henry said...

Some things you just don't have to know until the right time. Like dirty diapers!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Lucy - some things are just best learned first hand! The best diapers are when he's cutting his stomach teeth!! You gonna LOVE those! I suggest moving back in with the grandparents! :o)


Momma Donna