Thursday, May 17, 2007

any one miss me?

What a crazy couple of months!

Where did I leave off?

We took a trip to Callaway Gardens in April. Neither Cary nor I wanted to be at home for the anniversary of Caleb's death, so we went to Callaway. It was nice. Nolan loved the butterfly garden. We have great pictures of him in his fishing hat at the gardens, but they're on the dead computer. I hope to get them off the dead computer very soon.

Mother's Day was great. I finally got to have a Mother's Day with a living baby. Cary made me breakfast. Nolan gave me smiles. It was great.

I got Nolan's 6-month pictures taken the day before Mother's Day (I know I'm 2 months late).
Here's a link to Nolan's pictures:
You can see his teeth. He has almost 3 on the bottom and 1 coming in on the top.

He will be crawling very, very soon. He will rock on the his hands and knees and end up going backwards. He hasn't quit figured out how to go forward. He loves to stand up. And he LOVES animals. When Nolan sees a cat or a dog he will get a huge smile and squeal! Oscar will let Nolan pet him. Our other 2 cats are still deciding if they like Nolan.

Time for Nolan to go to bed. I'll try to add the pictures soon!!


The Mom said...

Welcome back! Of course you were missed! I know you've been dealing with a lot lately, though. I soooo want to see those pictures but can't seem to get in. It wants your email address, then a password in addition to the access code. Oh well. I'm sure they're adorable. Guess I'll just wait for those fishing hat pictures for now...

Elizabeth said...

I was having link issues last night. It should be fixed now. I hope - crossing my fingers...