Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Look what I have...


why did you wake me up? We left for Callaway Gardens way past Nolan's bed time.

Vacation time!!

Butterflies at the Butterfly Garden

Nolan at the Butterfly Garden

Sleepy Nolan

Nolan and me (check out those chubby thighs - Nolan's, not mine)

day 2 - Nolan could barely contain his excitement

WalkAmerica - April 28 (1 year anniversary of Caleb's memorial service)

Cary walking

Nolan "walking" in his "I'm the little brother" shirt

Nolan and me crossing the finish line.

Thank you to everyone who donated. We raised over $500. Not bad for our first time.
Next year, all of you will walk, too. Right?

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Mary Ann said...

yeah, pictures!!! Good job with Walk America! Yes, to the walking next year...let's get the whole family many people as we have, we should be able to raise tons of money...