Monday, July 16, 2007

The stroller post

It's time for big boy to start riding around in a smaller stroller.

I need your advice. I don't want to pay a fortune, but I want a good quality lightweight stroller that will last a long time.

I've heard good things about the Combi. This model is right at $99. I also found a store with the model up from this one in last year's color for $99.

I've also heard good things about the Chicco - $59 for the first one, $89 for the second.

I came across an article in Parent's magazine about the UppaBaby G-lite - $99. Only 8.3 lbs!

While reading the reviews on these, I came across another stroller. The new Graco Ipo has great reviews - 4 1/2 stars at It's on sale for $79.

Here's what I want:
high weight capacity - I don't want Nolan to exceed the weight limit in 2 weeks.
easy to fold - preferably one-handed
easy to steer
taller handles then a cheap umbrella stroller
room for storage - the more the better
did I mention lightweight?

things I'd like, but don't need
carrying strap
machine washable seat liner
cup holder
stand when folded

I want all that for under $100. Nolan and I are going to Disney in December with my family. I want a stroller that will be easy to load on and off the buses to get from the hotel to the parks. And something he will be comfortable in all day and something I will be comfortable pushing around all day.

Right now, Combi and Chicco are in the lead. UppaBaby was in the lead, but the only place in Georgia that sells UppaBaby does not have an UppaBaby G-lite to try. If I'm going to spend $100 on an umbrella stroller, I want to test it first. I also don't think it reclines. My sis and E both have Combis and love them. The Chicco is less expensive. I don't know anything about the Graco.

So, what's you opinion? Any more strollers to add to my list? Any suggestions or comments on these strollers?


Hedda said...

I have the Chicco and it works great. It's been on planes, buses, cruise ships, and we've even taken it to the Braves games.

No cupholder for the wee one, but it does recline and have a small basket underneath.

That's my two cents.

Jennie said...

I just bought the Grace Ipo about a month ago for my 22-pound 8-month old after I got tired of dragging around his big stroller. The color scheme is great and the model is very similar to that of the expensive Maclaren. It folds up easily, is very lightweight, and has a carrying handle. The handles are comfortable and I can sling a diaper bag over each one (if they aren't heavy) so I don't have to carry them. Unfortunatly there is no cupholder, but I usually stick drinks in empty diaper bag pockets while the bag is hanging from the handles. It has a good weight limit (45 or 55 lbs, I can't remember). I have been VERY pleased with this stroller so far. I live in Georgia also and we just dragged this one all over Flordia on a vacation with no problem.

The Princess said...

We bought the Chicco when Camille outgrew her infant carrier which meant we couldn't use the Snap and Go any longer.

For what we use it for, I like it for it's purpose. We don't use it for an all day trip, we use her bigger more comfy stroller. But for an umbrella stroller, it's pretty nice.

Alyson said...

Can't help you from experience, but here are my thoughts. If you're planning to keep this for several years, don't get caught up over $30 or so. If the stroller you truly want is the most expensive one, you'll recoup that cost in pleasure over the next several years as you use it.

My last thought...Ceylese and I take Mackenzie for walks sometimes and there's not one single walk I can recall where she didn't have cheerios or goldfish in the cupholder to keep Mackenzie occupied while walking. My point, I wouldn't underestimate the cupholder. I know that I'm going to find a stroller with a cup holder when I reach that time.

Laura said...

I can't remember how I came across your blog... but I have strong feelings about stroller as I have owned many. With my first child I bought a huge carseat/stroller system not long after I decided that was really HEAVY so I went out and bought a cute Combi (2 actually one was stolen) and I hated it. Well I loved it at first but after a year of use the wheels wore down and the steering became difficult. So much so that with my second child I bought a graco light weight one. I was leary since it was slightly less pricey than the combi but my sister in law had it and swore it was the best. This stroller is still around and my son is 5 yrs old. I even use it on occasion to push one of my twins around and its still great! It was wonderful and never had the issues my combi did. My third child, was twins so I then had to only buy double strollers. This time I bought the Peg Perego Aria. I would highly recommend this one (I have the double). I know many who love the single and love it too, but I am sure the price tag may be too high for your needs. I care about the same features you mentioned but I could not live without my cup holder. It's a lifesaver for me.

Missing said...

I love the MacClaren. A bit more pricey but it is lightweight, has storage, comfy for my then baby now toddler and I can even fold it up with one hand.
Also, has very good safety ratings with the three point harness

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