Wednesday, August 15, 2007

back to the stroller talk

A long, long time ago in land right down the street I borrowed my sister's kids and went stroller shopping. Sarah (8), Sam (5 in Nov.), Nolan, my sister, and me met at Babies R Us and tried out strollers. Here's a quick review on the strollers we tried (I didn't try the $329 strollers):

easy to steer
folds down to nothing
can steer with one hand
carryng strap

Sam's legs were too long to fit on footrest
when he put feet on footrest, his knees where in the bar (bar is removable)
not as easy to steer with a 5-year-old in it
don't like the basket

the inexpensive Chicco
lowest price
carrying strap
comes with rain sheild

steers ok
recline does nothing. Sam couldn't tell any difference when I reclined the seat.
lower weight limit
tiny basket

Graco Ipo
carrying handle (after playing with a carrying strap and carrying handle, I think the carrying handle is easier)
reclines flat
can un-recline with one hand!
50lb weight limit
easy to steer with *little* Nolan and Sam
easy to fold
big basket

kind of on the heavy side for an umbrella stroller

None of the strollers we looked at had cupholders and they all had removable canopies.

I've used our new Graco Ipo a couple of times and I love it - well worth the $70. The Graco is similar to the high-priced McClaren's, but is much more affordable. More importantly, Nolan likes it.

Speaking of Nolan:
Did you know he will be 1 in less then 1 month?? Time flies.
He's pulling up now. He is just starting to cruise the furniture. He now says "cat" instead of "kaka."

I had new pictures of him taken over the weekend at Picture People. While there, I entered him in the YoBaby photo contest. See the pictures here. The second picture - the one were he's in just a diaper with the blanket around him and a BIG smile - is the one I entered in the contest. If you look closely at the one with the black background you can see a little bruise under his eye. I love it. He looks all boy.


The Mom said...

1 already?! Clearly you must have your dates wrong... right?! Good lord time flies! The pictures are awesome, I loooove the one you picked for the contest! And yes, that bruise picture just screams "BOY"!!

Mary Ann said...

Such a healthy big boy would be great advertisement for yobaby!!Who wouldn't feed their kid that yogurt if it would make them that cute!

moo said...

Elizabeth ... I hope this doesn't come out "stalker-ish" ... I remember you from The Nest and I remember reading your blog back before Caleb grew his wings.

I'm so glad to see that your family is doing well!

I also live in Duluth, GA, and I have a one year old son ... I wonder if you'd want to meet sometime for a playdate? Email me at jenerally at yahoo dot com.