Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The countdown

Do you see that ticker at the top of the page? The one that says Nolan will be one soon?

Can you believe that?

Time flies.

BTW: He's starting to walk with assistance.


miraclebaby said...

I know! Dorothy is almost one, too. We're having her party on Saturday.

Rachel said...

I can't believe he's almost one. Cary is going to be very busy once Nolan starts walking on his own.

Jeana said...

Wow...time flies. I remember coming to see little Nolan in the hospital. Yes, little Nolan....he was little at one point....for a day or two. :)

moo said...

Hey, Elizabeth ... thanks for commenting on my blog. It is really scary how fast time goes by; it's hard to hold on to every second (well, maybe not *every* second ... those screaming tantrums are no fun at 4 am!)

Yes, I'd love the name of your hairdresser. And no problem on the playdate/email ... I understand how hard it is to find a second to get anything done. No pressure.