Friday, August 01, 2008

6 more weeks of winter

The fluid level is back to normal. It actually doubled in the past week! I asked the dr how that happened. He said the baby peed. So, if the baby had waited just a few minutes to pee I would be holder him/her in my arms right now.

Now, we're back to waiting for this baby to decide it's time to come out.

If there is no change by Tuesday morning, I will schedule a c-section for the end of next week.

I'm going to go walk a few hundred miles now. Then jog a few more miles. Then go to a bounce-house. Then I'm going to the resturant with the chicken parm. that supposedly makes you go into labor. Then I'm going to eat some spicey food.


Anotheramy said...

Nookie makes you go into labor.

Momma Donna said...

I'm not sure I want this baby to come out - what will I laugh hysterically at after that?? Your comments have me rollin' in the floor with laughter!!

I'm still rooting for a girl!

Love you,

Momma Donna

Anonymous said...

i heard eggplant does the trick too??

Mary Ann said...

I think I know why the baby hasn't come out yet...when you went to Disney before you found out you were pregnant and rode Space Mountain,the baby grabbed on tight so he/she wouldn't be flung out...that child is afraid to be flung out now! I'm sure if you explain to the baby that the "ride car" (you) needs to go in for maintenance and he/she needs to get off the ride, he/she will come right out, right?