Wednesday, July 30, 2008

possible eviction date

Everything went well at the OB Tuesday. My blood pressure was borderline. Strangely, I lost weight. Not sure how that happened. I didn't schedule a c-section like I said I was going to. Why? Because the baby might be kicked out Friday. I go to the perinat Friday morning. If the fluid is still low, my OB wants to go ahead and do a c-section Friday.

My appointment is 8:30 Friday morning. I should be able to update by late Friday (either with news of a new baby or news of more pregnancy). If the baby doesn't come Friday, I will schedule a c-section for late next week.

Funny- When I first got pregnant I remember thinking how neat it would be to have this baby in August. Then my kids birthdays would be in August, September, and October. I never thought I would be this close to actually having the baby in August!

The possible eviction day is: August 1
(just possible date - not 100%. baby could change it's mind and stick around for a little longer)

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moo said...

I think it's common to lose weight at the end of pregnancy ... I don't remember why this is, but there you go.

Selfishly, I want you to deliver NEXT week. But, I also want you all to be safe and happy and comfortable, so I will be bringing flowers and chocolate no matter WHEN this happens!