Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I'm term and done. The baby's cooked. It's time for the baby to get out. If it doesn't leave on it's own, it will be kicked out in about 2 weeks (the first week of August).

I gained about a million pounds last week. I've had more stupid comments said to me (I know people mean well, but when I'm standing front of you do you have to ask if I'm still at work?). My ankle is swollen. I can barely put weight on it, which doesn't help with my walk. I now waddle and limp. (stop laughing at me!)

I'm done. I did my job. I carried the baby to term. Now, it's the baby's job to get out. Cary and I both told the baby this morning that it's ok to come out now. We want to meet him/her.

Anyway - the list. I went to amazon.com and put some stuff on a wish list.
My Amazon.com Wish List

Please don't feel like you have to get us something because I made this list. It's really just to give you ideas if you want to get us something.
There are things on the list for Nolan and the baby.
Nolan loves books. He actually reads so much that some of his favorite books are now in pieces. (some of the ones that are in pieces: The very quiet crickett, The going to bed book, Goodnight moon, Owl babies) (remember this for his birthday!)

We have all the basics for this baby. If this is a girl, we do need some preemie or newborn clothes. We have plenty of hand-me-down clothes, but most of my family has bigger kids, so there aren't many newborn girl outfits. We're set for boys newborn and preemie.

We have bottles, but we do need some new accesories.
We have a Bumbo, we need the Bumbo tray.
We have a boppy and a boppy cover, I would like one more cover.
It's all on the list.

My contractions have started to come back. I hope this baby has listened to us and will make it's grand entrance soon. But my mom's out of town* until maybe this weekend. I know she would like it if the baby stayed in until she got back. I'm not sure if I can wait. I'm having a hard time just smiling when people look at me say "Wow! You're really all out there. Really, you're all out there. I mean all out there." or "Wow! That's going to be a big baby." (By the way - it's not a big baby. They baby is about 5 lbs 5 ozs.)

*My grandmother is really sick. She's 91 and her heart is barely working. The doctors don't think she will make it much longer. My mom and dad are with her and some family in Mass.


Mary Ann said...

We do have tons of newborn baby girl clothes, just no preemie sized clothes...and since you are so "huge," you won't need preemie clothes for more than a week. (Well, YOU won't actually need them at all, but you know what I mean.) And you are cute when you waddle...maybe you can just waddle to the hospital and have this kid soon...

Anotheramy said...

Im very sorry about your grandma and hope her passing is smooth, with dignity and on her terms. I'm sure she is very ready for the next chapter. Ironic.
As for you, darling, a barely kept secret coming your way. Nookie tonite, baby tomorrow.

moo said...

If your mom is still gone when baby starts to come, PLEASE call me and I'd be happy to come over and watch Nolan for you. I know you have a ton of family in the area, but do not hesitate to use us too. I'm sure Gray would like to see his friend!

I'm so excited for you! You and my friend, Brandi (due 08-08) are neck and neck to see who comes first (and early!!)

Alyson said...

Well, I guess I was wrong. She is still here. :-)

Elizabeth, you definitely know that I have girl newborn and preemie clothes. Funny that I just had another friend ask to borrow them on Monday. She won't need them immediately like you will though (she got bedrest at 28-29 weeks and is convinced now that she'll come early). Maybe you both can use them. I don't have a ton but enough that you won't have to do laundry more than 2x per week I'd think.