Thursday, July 24, 2008


Baby is still nice and comfy in the womb. The cervix that has given me issues for for my last 2 pregnancies has decided to become the cervix of steel. I've been 1-2 cent. dilated and 50% effaced for about 2 weeks. My contractions are doing nothing but annoy me.

I go back to the high-risk dr tomorrow for another ultrasound. I go back to the OB Tuesday. If this baby is still stubborn Tuesday, I'm going to talk to the dr about scheduling a c-section the first week of August. I would prefer not to have another c-section, but this baby is being kicked out in 2 weeks one way or the other.


mary ann said...

Maybe you could have a t-shirt made with "cervix of steel" on it. You know,like the man of steel...just a thought. Maybe a little too much information to announce at the mall, huh?

Alyson Barbree said...

So, I guess you deliberately don't email people back to add to the suspense? Dork! I keep thinking that you're having the baby since you don't write back.

You keep forgetting that the fact that you've gone this long is a good thing...a GREAT thing! Keep your spirits up and remember that this is all for the best.