Sunday, July 20, 2008

Still no change

Everyone who guessed I was going to have the baby this weekend was wrong. (unless something pretty drasatic happens in the next few hours)

My contractions, strangely, have actually calmed down since I got the cerclage out! I might end up begging my dr for c-section in week 39.

I am starting to get uncomfortable. My ankle has been killing me for days. Cary said it's because of all the extra weight I'm carrying. (he then took his foot out his mouth and apoligized about a million times for saying I am carrying extra weight.) It's great that I'm free, but I'm too tired to do anything! And it's 100 degrees outside!

One of Cary's friends asked me today if I am bigger then I was with Nolan. Umm, yeah. I've never been this pregnant before. At 35 weeks with this pregnancy I had gained less weight than I had with Nolan (but cookies were buy one get on free at the grocery store and now my weight has caught up - plus some). At 36 1/2 weeks with Nolan, he had been home for over a week. At this point with Caleb, he was about to have his third surgery, I had been back at work for weeks, and, little did I know, I was about to get pregnant again. That won't be happening this time. This will be my last pregnancy.

The list - I'll work on that now. I'll try to post something tonight or tomorrow night.


moo said...

Well, at least Cary wasn't right about your going into labor AS SOON as the cerclage came out. HA!

Are you working right up until your due date, then?

Elizabeth said...

I'm going to work until I go into labor - or until I kick the baby out.

Jeana said...

Well, I guess I lost the bet. I'm not too sad about it though. It is funny how much you want the baby to stay in. Then, you reach a certain point that you will do ANYTHING to get that baby out. I remember googling ways to bring on labor when I was prego with Chandler. None of them were too appealing so I just had to endure.

I was watching the Baby Story on TV and I saw a couple more names that I think are cute. I like Kendall, Camryn, and Kylie.

Mary Ann said...

I don't know what you could do that would be drasatic, but thank God you didn't do it and have the baby over the weekend. (If you don't know what I am talking about, read your post and think like an editor.) I am sorry you are so uncomfortable. I was never pregnant in July, but I know if late November was uncomfortable, then July has got to be miserable. Hey, Madison found a name for a girl for you...Nori or Ariel or CInderella. Helpful, huh?

Alyson said...

Anyone heard from Elizabeth today (Tues). I'm convinced that the baby arrived today because she's MIA. Please, please, please keep us posted!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I'm here. No news. sigh

I'm done with this pregnancy thing.