Thursday, July 10, 2008

Now what?

Do you see on my ticker that I'm in week 35? You know what that means? This is the longest I've even been pregnant!!

Today, after being annoyed at everything and everyone. My sister warned me that you spend your last month just being annoyed. Thanks for warning - a couple of days late.

Poor Cary is driving me crazy. He does sometimes deserve it. But, sometimes, he's just in my way - I need to be annoyed at some one and he the closest person.
Tonight he offered to go get me Sonic. I've been wanting a chili cheese pup (or 12) from Krystals. Cary thought a Sonic chili cheese dog would be the same. It isn't. I yelled at him for offering to get me Sonic instead of Krystals. (the nerve of him. not wanting to drive over 20 minutes 1-way just to get me a few chili cheese pups.) But, when he didn't go to Sonic, I yelled at him again for not going to Sonic. (it's basicly the same thing as a chili cheese pup. dah!)

He just needs to learn to read my mind.

He's also in trouble for leaving a wipes container and a carseat at his parents house. He explained his logic. But, whatever, that's not what I wanted! I want the wipes container and the car seat here. Why? Because that's what I want!

I'm still getting contractions - which annoys me. Still not enough to call the dr...again. I get about 1 to 2 good contractions an hour.

My feet are the size of watermelons. My belly is the size of about 5 watermelons. My feet hurt, my back hurts, my contractions are annoying. But, I'm kicking pregnancy butt! Over 35 weeks!

Enough whining...
I've had some interesting comments made to me. I thought it would be nice to use them as a guide for every one. Here is what not to say to a pregnant women:
(All of these have actually been said to me - surprising, all by women!)

Wow! You've gotten big!
Wow! You've swollen!
My daugther is due in 2 weeks and you're much bigger than her.
My friend is having twins and she's 1/2 your size.
Did you get bigger over the weekend?

person A: how much does the baby weigh now
me: around 5lbs
person A: (looking at my belly in shock) That baby weighs a lot more then 5 lbs.

person B: when are you due?
me: August 13
person B: (looking at my belly in shock) There's no way you're making it that long.

While I was trying to walk to the bathroom with a full bladder and a baby kicking my full bladder and not pee on myself. Some one looked me a said "you remind me of the opening scene of March of the Penguins."

People no longer talk to me looking at my face. They all look directly at my belly.

People I'm not that big! My weight gain is right on track. I'm days away for being 9 months pregnant (wow- that's crazy!). I'm supposed to have a belly. No need to point it out. I know it is big. It's about the size of a baby, a placenta, and aminotic fluid. Imaginge that.

Great, now I'm annoyed at myself for being annoying. Where is Cary? I need someone to be annoyed at...

Oh yeah, my cerclage removal has been scheduled for July 17. After that, the baby (who still does not have a name) will be free to escape.


Anotheramy said...

Isnt it funny, I used to love when people told me how huge I looked. I felt like whale, I wanted to know I at least looked like one too.

moo said...

OMG, I am getting SO EXCITED for you!!

I didn't think you looked big AT ALL. And lord, Elizabeth, I should send you the picture of me at 37 weeks in the hospital, about 16 hours before I gave birth. NO ONE should be as big as I was. It's just wrong.

Jeana said...

LOL!! Your comments made me remember being prego. I don't know why people think that it is OK to say whatever comes to mind to someone who is pregnant. Oh and perfect strangers think it is OK to touch your stomach. is NOT OK to touch someone's stomach without asking. Unless its your BFF or family.

It's funny that I still get irritated. It's been over 2 years since I've been pregnant and if this 99.9% IUD holds up...I will never be prego again!!!!! TMI and I've used one too many acronyms. Time to get back to work.

Sorry for the ramblin. :)
Congrats and good luck!!!!!!

Mary Ann said...

You really aren't THAT big! ...but compared to what you usually look like at the "end" of your pregnancies, you are huge...and everyone is thrilled that you are huge-ish. You know, people are really good at stating the obvious. It is just really annoying when you are the obvious. You know, when you see, say, a hippo at the say "look at that hippo" like no one else sees it standing right there. Maybe it is the same with your belly..."look at your huge belly" like you didn't notice that you haven't seen your feet in 3 months and now you can't even see your own bellybutton. I think people are just being "helpful" so that y ou know your belly is there. Wouldn't want you to miss that! :)

Elizabeth said...

Did you just compare me to a hippo?

mary ann said...

kind of...

Sarah Furlough said...

I'm on pins and needles, I can't wait to see this kid! Way to go on making it this far, GREAT JOB!!!

kcinnova said...

Okay, I'm really late to the party (got here from Moo's) and I just spent an entire morning reading your blog start to finish (well, I'll be there soon).
I just busted out laughing at the March of the Penguins comment.

It felt good to laugh after crying over some of your other posts and smiling over other ones.

Nice to meet you!
~Kcinnova (who SHOULD be school shopping right this minute)