Sunday, April 02, 2006

Caleb + 1

Caleb's doing great. Caleb hasn't had much change in the past week. I love boring days! The more boring days he has, the closer he gets to coming home! He is still having his episodes every few days. He is now up to 140 ccs of formula during the day and 170 ccs at night - all still through a feeding tube. The good doctor said Caleb isn't ready yet to try oral feeds (and if he started oral feeds and then left for a week, the other doctor would cuss him out). So, when the good doctor gets back at the end of the week, he will see if Caleb is ready to start trying oral feeds again.

You would think that having a preemie would be stressful enough for us, but no we had to add on more stress! We're going to have another baby! (If you've been reading the comments, you probably all ready figured that out.) Baby #2 is due either October 10 (Caleb's birthday) or October 16 - depending on which dr you ask. I am going Tuesday afternoon to get a cerclage and soon after that I will start getting weekly shots. Both things have been proven to prolong pregnancies. My goal is to make it to 32 weeks - anything past that will thrill me! After the surgery Tuesday, I will be on bedrest until April 10. I have no clue how strict the bedrest will be or what restrictions I will have after the surgery. I hope I will still be able to see Caleb everyday and I hope I will be able to pick him up when he comes home.

Caleb now weighs a little over 12 pounds. The other parents in the NICU call him the big baby. A 12 pound baby does look huge next to a 2 pound baby. He is now acting like an almost 3-month-old. He smiles. He watches his mobile. He enjoys being read to. He loves being held. He is getting tickle spots. He is just the greatest baby ever!


Lucy Henry said...

and he is our cutiest "youngest grandchild" Did you notice Sunday when I walked into the room and started talking he opened his eyes to see Grandma? He knows his "Grandma". You're in our prayers.

Kimberley Rozes said...

Hey Elizabeth,
I've been keeping up with Caleb's progress. Will be praying for you through out this pregnancy as well, Especially today as you go in for your procedure.
So glad to see the strides Caleb is making!

Elizabeth said...

If you leave an anonymous comment and don't sign your name, I will make fun of you.

Rachel said...

So, if we sign our name, does that mean you promise NOT to make fun of us? :)

We will be praying for you tomorrow.

Hedda said...

This blog sucks. It never updates.