Saturday, April 08, 2006

eat ice cream!

March of Dimes and Cold Stone have paired up! Today 25% of Cold Stone's profit from 1-8pm will be donated to March of Dimes.

Go enjoy some yummy ice cream!

Click here to find a Cold Stone.

So, I went and got my delicious ice cream, but my cold stone wasn't participating. Losers!

Here is another way you can donate to March of Dimes:
Hedda is walking in WalkAmerica this year (she is taking some steps for me and caleb, since we can't walk this year). You can donate to her walking team here. She is also selling raffle tickets for a convertible new bettle $25 for 6 (i think). But, you should know that if you win the car, you must give it to me. Convertibles are very good for babies. ;)


Mary Ann said...

I am not surprised that you would "use" your babies to get a convertible beatle! I am surprised you haven't thought of that angle sooner! Publix is also doing donations to March of Dimes this month, you can just add money to your bill total. happy early six month birthday to Caleb!

Rachel said...

Happy six month birthday to Caleb!

Anonymous said...

I just had cold stone last thursday
didn't know about it on it was just that one day? kimberley rozes

Hedda said...

Hey! Everybody give money to me!! Well, really the March of Dimes, but you know. By the way, it's a beetle not a bettle. :)

Red on Head...On Fire for Jesus said...

It's her birthday week and she thinks she doesn't have to update her blog.