Wednesday, April 12, 2006

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Ok, it's really just surgery #4.

Caleb's going back to Egleston Friday to get a G-tube and maybe probably to have a fundoplication. Basically, they will wrap part of his stomach around his esophagus. This is a common surgery for acid reflux.

The G-tube surgery is a fast surgery with just sedation. The fundoplication is a bigger surgery and Caleb would be put under general anesthesia (that means back on respirator).

Caleb is doing great. He is getting much better about stopping himself before he has an episode (knock on wood). The doctors are working hard to get him home soon!

Baby #2 is doing fine. Growing like a weed. It loves to kick my bladder. My follow-up appointment Monday went well. I can do just about anything I want. If I get tried or start to cramp, I can't do whatever I was doing anymore. I will go to the perinatalogists every 2 weeks and I will also have the regular OB appointments.


Lucy Henry said...

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth. Remember I had 4 children by the time I was 31. Let me see how old are you now and how many children do you have? Okay so you're not there yet. There's a couple of years left. Have a wonderful day.

rachel said...

First of all, happy birthday, Elizabeth! We will be praying for Caleb. At least they didn't schedule the surgery on your birthday.

Kimberley Rozes said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth! your cake party was fun! Glad to hear that Baby #2 is doing well and that you can do whatever you feel like! Praying as always for Caleb