Sunday, October 29, 2006

baby watch

The Mom had her baby yesterday.

Now it's Mrs. S's turn. Come on, Zoe!

for Mrs. S


Mrs. S said...

Every pregnant lady who I've been "watching along with" since getting pregnant has given birth now, except me. I think this is a sign that Zoe is going to make her own agenda... just like her mommy. Darnit, why'd I have to go and be so unique??

Also - is Maxwell not adorable?! I'm so excited for The Mom! And... when do we get more Nolan pictures!?!??!!

AnotherAmy said...

Ms S will return shortly with a baby...shes in the hospital to be induced tomorrow!

The Mom said...

Had to stop over and check out the boys' matching outfits! All I can say is their moms have great taste ;)

OK, true, we do have the best models that would look good in anything! I don't know about you, though, but my guy's head doesn't fit into the teensy cap that came with this outfit!