Monday, February 13, 2006

Caleb had a rough weekend.

Caleb has another UTI. The charge nurse called us at 5:30 Sunday morning to tell us that Caleb had to be put back on the respirator. They put him on medicine to sedate him, started him on 2 antibiotics, and gave him a blood transfusion. They told us he wouldn't be on the respirator long. If Caleb pulls the tube out, they will not re-intubate him and they will put him back on the nasal cannula.

Caleb also has a stomach ulcer. They told us this is common with older preemies. They put him on Maalox and stopped his feedings (he had made it up to 55 ccs every 4 hours - almost 2 ounces!).

When I talked to the nurse this morning, she said his levels are starting to go back to where they should be. The doctor is going to call me later today after he finished rounds. I will be talking to him about getting Caleb off the respirator and off the sedation.

New pictures of Caleb from Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

He is such a cutie! We are praying for him at our house.... and for you and Cary. Hang in there! Love you, mary ann, madison and kevin