Friday, February 10, 2006

CF test results are...

negative!!! Caleb doesn't have CF!

I guess I just needed to call the lab retarded to get the test results back.

Caleb took a few steps towards going home yesterday.
He put him a regular nasal cannula at around noon yesterday. The orders where to switch between the nasal cannula and the CPAP every 12 hours, unless he was doing good with the nasal cannula. When I left at 8:30 last night, he was doing great with the cannula. Some time during the night he went back on CPAP. This morning he went back on the cannula. He looks so great with the cannula.

His NJ tube is now a NG tube. He is now eating 45 ccs (1 1/2 ounces) over 1 hour every 4 hours. If he continues to do good with his feedings and with the nasal cannula, they will start to feed him with a bottle once a day.

He is doing much better with his episodes. He has about one a day now.

His IVH is still an issue. They are still needing to tap his VAD. He will probably need a permanent shunt.


Lucy Henry said...

Wow!! Talk about major steps,Caleb has taken them. An once again he had to be ready before he was willing to go to the next level. Praise the Lord!!

The Princess said...

Can't wait to hear that he can go home! Sounds like it's getting close!