Friday, March 17, 2006

The line's out!

but, it's time for me to go to lunch. I'll tell you more later.

hee hee - that was fun.

ok now here's a real, full update:

When I got to the hospital last night for my daily Caleb time, the good doctor had just finished pulling out Caleb’s central line. Caleb was awake looking around like nothing had happened.

He is so pink now. I love having him off the IV fluids!

His antibiotics will be stopped soon. Then, he won't need his IV (which is on top of his head now)!

The good doctor said he would like to get Caleb off the respirator today. But, the good doctor's shift ended yesterday. :(
I will talk to the respiratory therapists when I get there today. If Caleb is still doing well, I don't know why they would wait to take him off the respirator.
The good doctor said they will let Caleb tell them if he needs to go on the CPAP or if he can skip to a cannula. As soon as he is back on the cannula, they will go back to giving him some oral feeds.

Happy St Patrick's Day!


Lorri said...

You're such a TEASE!

Emily said...

Cruel, very very cruel!

Lucy Henry said...

and the rest of the story is.....

Rachel said...

I want to know where the pictures are that you promised last time. We haven't seen any pictures of pink Caleb. Make sure you take AND POST a lot after he gets the tube out.

Marie said...

Rachel's right! :o)

Anonymous said...

hmmmm. Pictures. What a good idea. I seem to remember someone saying she was going to use the blog because she could post tons of pictures....I know, I will "refuse" to sew curtains for him till we see more pictures of him. Of course, I can't sew till I have measurements, but that is beside the point. Really, I am so glad Caleb is a big fat boy. Makes Madison look not so big! Love you, Mac

Stephanie Ware said...

Hey Elizabeth! This is your old friend Stephanie from GBC. I just heard the news and the website from Marie. Congrats darling! I'll keep reading to stay posted!