Wednesday, March 08, 2006

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When we got to the hospital to visit Caleb Sunday, we were surprised to see him on the CPAP. He had a rough night Saturday, so they put him on CPAP Sunday morning. Monday morning, they made him his own special high-flow nasal cannula. He has been on the high-flow cannula since then.

They stopped his bottle feeds Sunday when he went on the CPAP and they do not have orders to re-start them yet. When I was there Saturday, I got to watch him eat 7 1/2 ccs from a little mini-bottle they make him. He ate it, swallowed it, and kept it done - all 7 1/2 ccs!

He is now getting 95 ccs (a little over 3 ounces) every 4 hours by a feeding tube. They have cut his IV fluids back more. His color is looking so much better!

Caleb woke up last night while I was there and just stared at me. He would look at his mobile, then me. When he woke up, he reached out to hold my hand - then he reached out his other arm to hold the nurses hand. My heart melted. He is the greatest baby in the whole world!


Lucy Henry said...

You know how to bring on the tears!!!

Anonymous said...

He has his mommy wrapped around those little fingers!! And I am pretty sure he has his aunts, his grandmas, etc. also wrapped! MAC

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet!