Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Caleb has a new cousin in Heaven

My brother called me Monday afternoon. He said his wife started bleeding Sunday. She was still bleeding Monday morning. They went to the doctor some time Monday. She should have been around 12 weeks pregnant. The ultrasound showed only a gestational sac. The baby died at around 6 weeks gestational age. My sister-in-law had a D&C today. This would have been their 4th child.

Caleb always loved to meet new people. I know Caleb is happy to have a new cousin with him in Heaven. I can just imagine Caleb showing the new baby around. When Caleb died, he already had 2 cousins in Heaven (my sister had a miscarriage a little of 2 years ago and Cary's sister-in-law had a miscarriage last year). Now the 4 of them are playing together.


The Mom said...

I'm so sorry for your brother and sister-in-law's loss. I'm sure Caleb will take good care of his little cousin.

Hedda said...

Every loss is different, but just as sad. Tell everyone that the other sister is sorry.

Lucy Henry said...

Can you imagine what Heaven is like with three of them together!!!Do you suppose they are chasing a cat or even a dog? Knowing my grandchildren they are playing with them and getting their faces licked and loving it.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Please tell Ann Marie and Stephen how sorry I am to hear that. I hope you are feeling well.