Monday, June 05, 2006

Cute Caleb v. Mad Caleb

I was going through some of Caleb's pictures earlier. I thought you'd like to see these:

Cute sleeping Caleb

Mad Caleb

"I don't want my picture taken!" (He was cranky when we tried to take a picture of all of us, but he was happy when we took his picture by himself.)

"I don't want my breathing treatment now. Leave me alone!"

These pictures crack me up!


Lucy Henry said...

I love the pictures

Hedda said...

You have so many good memories. I'm happy for you.

Mary Ann said...

Those are great! Looks like he may have had something of an attitude! Hmmm, wonder who he got that from?

Red on Head...On Fire for Jesus said...

Caleb is adorable in his Easter outfit. He knew that you were taking holiday photos so he cried when you wanted to be in them too. Kids know these things. Maybe they learn it in the womb.

Wonder what baby#2 is learning and will do. (Insert mischievious grin)

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