Saturday, July 08, 2006

how sweet

I was sitting on the couch last night with my legs up (after sweet, wonderful Cary made me dinner). 2 of our cats (Misty* and Bluto) curled up on my legs to nap. Misty rested his head on my belly - on monster's head - and started to fall asleep. How sweet. Misty, Bluto, and monster curled up asleep together.

Then, monster woke up and started kicking Misty in the head! Not gentle baby kicks, but big, strong, shaking my belly monster kicks. The kicks were so strong, that Cary was sitting on the other end of our sectional watching Misty getting kicked in the head.

The stronger monster gets, I think I need to worry less about my cervix and worry more about him kicking a whole in my stomach.

*Misty is a boy cat with a girl's name. My old roommate and I thought he was a girl when we got him, so we named him Misty. Then, we found out he was a boy. We couldn't agree on another name for him and we figured he would never know he had a girl's name, so we didn't change his name. I would recommend not laughing at him too much. He can squish you. He weighs about 18 pounds.


heather said...

Our male cat is named Jasmine. Same story. When we took "her" to get spayed, they called us to ask if it would be ok if they neutered him instead. Turns out that is a cheaper procedure. Being the broke college kids we were, we happily agreed to the procedural switch. However, it took us quite some time to finally get in the habit of referring to “her” as “him”. The name stuck. At least we didn’t name him Princess.

Hedda said...

What's the old saying? You must have a soccer player in there. ;) Thanks for the call yesterday. Tim was awesome.