Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Monster hiccups!

Finally! After 2 pregnancies I got feel baby hiccups! The day I went to the hospital with Caleb we listened to him hiccup, but I never felt them. Today - just now - I felt monster hiccup!

The doctor went well today. The glucose test stuff was nasty. The RhoGAM shot hurt! I've gained about 3 million pounds. I'm measuring 27 1/2 weeks. (I carried Caleb high too. I guess I just like to carry my babies high.)

This time with Caleb, I was hooked up to fetal monitors and mag sulfate and I wasn't allowed out of the bed for anything. I had seen the attending OB and perinat. The perinat told me my goal was to make it to 28 weeks. He also said to prepare to have a preemie.

Today, I’m not at the hospital! I can get up! I have nothing connected to me! Monster's hanging on! YAY!

Maybe this pregnancy will make it term...


Hedda said...

The first time Connor got the hiccups and I could feel them I thought he was kicking a steady beat. Then I figured out what it was. He had the hiccups ALL the time. I thought they were so cool.
I never felt Garrett's though.

The glucose drink is totally nasty.

You know term for us is 35 weeks. Tell Cary we'll be happy with that. 36 is better, but we'll take 35.

The Mom said...

Congrats on everything... hiccups, good dr visit, making it as far as you have. Every day counts. I have a good feeling about this one. You're being watched like a hawk. The drs know what to look for, you know what to look for. Call them any time you have a hint of doubt about anything and just be as lazy as you can possibly be. Are your drs considering giving you steroids at any point to strengthen the monster's lungs in case he should come a little early??

Elizabeth said...

Right now they're just watching me. If my cervix changes, they will start talking bedrest and steroids (those shots really hurt!).

April said...

I stumbled upon your blog while while researching septate uterus which is what I am diagnosed with. I am 16 weeks pregnant with my first and I am actually a labor and delivery nurse (for just about 2 yrs now). I clicked on your link and was sent to one of your blogs and then was hooked, I read through many of your pages... and I sort of wish I hadn't b/c I of course sobbed through each of them. I just want to give you a little encouragement that I work at a major county hospital in the Dallas/FW area in TX and I see alot of high risk and preterm deliveries .I have been in the room for many delieries with your same problems and seen everything go perfect. I know you will worry until you are term and that is understandable, but it sounds like everything is wonderful and I am just so happy for you. I saw one of your friends mentioned that song "held" by Natalie Grant... there is also a song by Watermark called Glory Baby that is beautiful and uplifting about knowing that your baby is in Jesus' hands and how comforting that is. Caleb was beautiful. Good luck over the next 10-13 weeks. I will be praying for you.

Donna said...

WAY to go with the doctor's visit. I pray for you & Monster (he's too sweet for this name, you know!) every day. I thought about you all day yesterday and am so happy to hear all went well. I'm keeping check on you with your blog and through hedda.



Jeana said...

I am so glad that everything went well at the dr's visit. I check on you everyday through your blog, but need to get better on checking on you "in person". I love the blog, but it has made me a lazy friend.
I never felt hiccups with Jaden or Chandler. That's cool that you can feel them!!! Chandler is looking forward to Monster's arrival so he'll have a lil friend to hang with.

Mary Ann said...

Welcome to the hiccup club. Maddie had the hiccups at least twice a day the whole time I was pregnant and it has continued till now (and she is 15 months old...hiccups are really cute now. She looks so confused!) Just wait till you get even bigger and he gets the hiccups, sometimes you can SEE the hiccups on the outside of your tummy. Everyone around you then gets to enjoy the show! By the way, I am glad the monster is staying put...Tell him his bossy aunt said to keep it that way! Love you!

miraclebaby said...

Hiccups are so cute!
And yay for everything going so well. Here's hoping for a big full term babe.