Friday, March 02, 2007

Ever wonder

if people just say your baby is really cute just to be nice or if your baby really is that cute?

I have mom-goggles. I think Nolan's is one the cutest babies ever (tied with Caleb, of course). I'm going to enter him in a photo contest. I guess that will tell me if he is as cute as I think he is.

People tell me Nolan is the perfect Gerber baby, with the perfect round face. I, also, think Nolan is perfect.

I mean, come on, look at him...

This is the picture I'm entering in the contest (after some cropping).

or maybe this one

or this one


Rachel said...

I really like the top one. He has the cutest pout. He is adorable, but maybe I am just a biased aunt.

Lucy Henry said...

I like the one with his lip stuck out. Of course all the pictures are adorable of him.

Mary Ann said...

I think you should use the raspberry picture...but then it is kind of gross. Cute, but gross. I agree with Rachel...use the top one. And I am definately a biased aunt!

The Mom said...

Anyone who says this child is cute but doesn't really mean it is out of their mind. I think you're safe in assuming we feel the way you do :)