Friday, March 23, 2007

up to 21 lbs?

After Nolan's bath last night, I decided to dress him in his robe until bedtime. I checked the size on the robe. It said up to 21 lbs. Great! That should fit Nolan with no problems. He barely ate while he was sick. He's probably down to a tiny 18 lbs now.

So, I put the robe on him. The sleeves ended up being 3/4 length, I couldn't tie the belt, and the robe was barely long enough to cover his diaper.

Nolan's holding his own bottle now. He's going to start driving next week.


Mary Ann said...

Love the pictures...Can't wait to see him drive! Whose car is he going to practice on? By the way, love the new template for your blog!

The Mom said...

Nolan looks just as shocked at his new weight! Ha! And how impressive that he's holding his bottle! I think he really WILL be driving next week!