Monday, March 12, 2007

the good, the bad, and the sick

I entered Nolan in the photo contest Friday. I entered him in the comical and precious categories. I'll give you more info - like how to vote on Nolan - later.

Nolan went to his follow-up head dr appointment Friday. Nolan did great with the head scan. Last time he threw a big fit, another dr had to come in and help hold his head, and they still couldn't get a really good scan. Friday, Nolan stayed still for the whole scan (that last about a big 3 seconds). Nolan now barely has a mild flat head. The front of his head is completely corrected. There is a little bit of flatness in the back. The dr said since Nolan's head is barely even mild, there's no need for a helmet!! Yay! (And another yay that we are finally done with the Children's Hospital. knock on wood We had our first trip to one of the Children's Hospitals Oct. 31, 2005.)

Today was supposed to be Nolan's 6-month well baby check up. But, yesterday things changed. Around lunch time, I went to check on Nolan and noticed to he was very hot. I took his temperature. He had a fever of a little over 100. He was starting to sound congested and he was getting cranky. It was 1:30 am before he finally feel asleep in his crib. He just wanted to be held. Cary came down with the flu Thursday (the flu shot didn't protect him!). We think Nolan might have gotten it from Cary - or the photo contest with all the babies Friday or the doctor's office or the kid's birthday party we went to Saturday.

Nolan's fever wouldn't go away lat night and I noticed little red spots on his belly. I called his dr around 10 pm Sunday night. She said to bring him in this morning. He has a virus and a little rash (probably from the virus). We are giving him tylenol, something for the congestion, and nasal drops and he will be sleeping with his bed wedge and his humidifier the next few days.

I did get to find out his weight. Are you ready for it? My little 5 lb baby now weighs 19 pounds!

He'll go to his well baby check next week. He has plenty of room for all the shots in his chubby baby thighs. (Is it bad that I call him Chubb-o?)

Today I stayed home from work and took care of the sick babies. I'm exhausted.


sarah said...

Sorry that you men are sick, hope they are feeling better soon.

I cannot believe Nolan is 19 lbs- Cooper is right at 21 lbs, and he's got several months on him. He's going to leapfrog over Cooper soon!

Let us know how to vote for Nolan!

The Princess said...

19lbs? REally?


Camille was 20lbs. at 1 year...amazing how different these little creatures are, isn't it!?