Saturday, November 11, 2006

2 months

Nolan is 2 months old today. He is growing so fast. (This would be a good place to put a new picture of Nolan.) His big butt is now in size 1 diapers. He is finally wearing 0-3 months clothes. Cary (Mr. Mom) is taking Nolan to his 2 month check-up Tuesday morning. He thinks Nolan is 12 pounds, I think Nolan is 10 pounds.

What else was I supposed to tell you?
We got a new car. Most people upgrade to larger cars and SUV when they have kids. We downsized. Cary's car was very big. There was plenty of room for Nolan's car seat and his stroller and there was still extra room. But, big cars use a lot of gas. Cary was spending about $200 a month on gas. So, we downsized. We went from an Isuzu Trooper (about 2 MPG) to a PT Cruiser (about 327403824723 MPG). The back seat is a little tight with the car seat and there's not a lot of extra room in the back after with the stroller back there. But, we're saving about $1 million a month in gas money. (this would be a good place to put of picture of the new car.)

I got my hair chopped off. I have wanted to get it cut for a long time, but I've had preggo hair forever. My hair is normally straight, silky, and thin. When I'm pregnant, my hair is dry, frizzy, wavy, and thick. I didn't want someone to give me a hair cut for my preggo hair. I wanted something that would look good when my hair went back to normal. My hair is almost normal again. I'm only clogging the shower drain once week (we were using a full thing of draino a week). (this would be a good place to put a picture of my hair cut - it's basically a bob).

What else?
I went back to work. Cary is now officially a stay-at-home dad. We're both doing OK with the arrangement. I have Nolan on a feeding schedule. When we stick to the schedule we both feed him 3 times a day and we both get 8 hours of sleep (me from 10 pm-6am, Cary from 2am-10am). My transition back to work has been good. Cary is doing a good job watching Nolan. That makes it easier being back at work.

This is a much better post then the last one. I bet no one's crying this time. I'll work on the pictures. I have nothing but time now - between working full-time, taking over the Nolan shift after work, getting everything ready for Cary for the next day, doing laundry, and cleaning the house. Nothing but time...

Oh- and I changed the design of the blog - thanks to Miss Zoot's free templates.

One more thing I told you would tell you about:
I had my 6 week check up October 31 (at 7 weeks post partum). I don't understand why they have to weigh you at the check-up. It just isn't nice. I was a little under 125 pounds when I got pregnant with Caleb. I put on over 30 pounds with him. I had lost over 15 of the 30+ pounds and was back into my pre-pregnancy jeans when I found out I was pregnant again. I gained another 35 pounds with Nolan. I have lost about 20 Nolan pounds. I have 30 pounds to lose to get back to my pre-pre-pregnancy size. ARGH! I know the weight would come off a lot faster if I could nurse or pump - that's another story and it's time to feed Nolan now. I'll tell you about the not nursing thing later.

One more thing - pray for my friend E. It looks like she's going to have a preemie. She is 31 weeks. She has protein in her urine. She lost a son a few years ago. He was still born at 34 weeks. She will stay in the hospital until her new son is born. She has a 5 year old daugher at home.


Mrs. S said...

I can't wait to hear how big Nolan has gotten - and I can't imagine how big Ms. Zoe will be at 2 months!! Glad to hear all is well with you, but I have to admit - I feel ripped off about not getting any pictures in this post ;)

Mrs. S said...

Please tell your friend that she is in our prayers, as is her whole family.

And I agree that it is mean to weigh us... we've got enough to worry about.

Hedda said...

Too many words--Not enough pictures.