Monday, November 20, 2006

back from the doctor

(I wrote this post for you last Wednesday. The pictures are from today.)

Nolan had is 2-month check-up yesterday. Mr. Mom took him all by himself. Cary said Nolan did great. Nolan barely cried when he got his shots.

We were guessing how much Nolan weighed. I said 10 pounds; Cary said 12 pounds. We were both wrong.

Nolan’s new stats:
weight: 11 pounds
height: 21 1/2”
head: 14”

He is measuring just below the 50th percentile for his weight and height. He head is measuring small - he has a little head like me.

The doctor recommended giving Nolan a warm bath last night. Nolan does good with baths. He will startle when I first put him in the water, but after a few seconds, he relaxes and enjoys the bath. He relaxed so much last night that he peed everywhere - he almost got me. He kept leaning to the side of his bath hammock with one arm in the water. I would adjust him and he would go right back to the side of the hammock with his head leaning on the side of the tub and his arm in the water (he was relaxed in that position when he peed everywhere.)

After bath time, we had mommy-nolan cuddle time. It’s great. I love mommy-nolan time. I miss mommy-caleb time.

Last night, while I was I holding Nolan he looked at me and gave me a big smile. It wasn’t gas; it wasn’t him just playing with facial expressions; it was a full big smile just for me.

I forgot to tell you he rolled over last week. He was fussy, so I put him on his belly to try to claim him down. I had to run downstairs for a second and when I got back Nolan was on his back. I put him back on his stomach to see if he would do it again. Nothing. He rolled over 1 time and I missed it.

This weekend I’m going to go through all the clothes he has outgrown and pass them on to my sister for her soon-to-be little one. I can’t believe he is in 0-3 months clothes (there are even a couple 0-3’s that he has outgrown!).

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